Ludum Dare 40 – December 2017: Worse and worse

I’m back doing Ludum Dare, having missed the last one because I was mucking about in Scandinavia~ My last entry back in LD 38 ended up doing really well, placing joint 31st overall! I’d love to be able to match (or do better than) that this time around, but as always, 48 hours game development is as much about the journey as the destination~

So, let’s go and make a game!

0 hours in


That is… not the theme I was expecting; I was kinda hoping for “Three Colours” or “Limited Space”, as I already had a couple of ideas going for those themes.. but, I’ll see what I can come up with for this one  over the next hour or so~

3 hours in

I actually managed to land on an initial idea pretty quickly, which is hardly ever what happens. The problem is, it’s a pretty ambitious one, both coding and art-wise; with just a couple of days to make the whole thing, I might struggle…

But, I’ve salvaged an old engine I used for a past Ludum Dare, got some blocks moving how I’d like them to move, and have (mostly) settled on a design for the main character.  I’ll sleep on the idea for now, and push on with this if I can’t dream up anything better~

This is Ava; she need a whole lot of frames of animation~

9 hours in

I managed a few hours of sleep, and I mentally refined my ideas a little more; I need to work taller, not wider.~

Partly in the fact that I should try and do one thing kinda well, as opposed to several things not quite as well, but mostly in the sense that I should make a tower, not a city.

…Hopefully that’ll make more sense in a few hours.

12 hours in

I’ve finally settled on a general aesthetic for the game; it’s fairly small and minimal, but that should speed up the process of animating everything. I keep flip-flopping on the white outline though; it looks pretty god for the characters, but smaller objects get a little lost.

Spinning and bouncing~

My goals for the next 12 hours are:-

  • Get all the basic animations and sprites done (such as running and jumping)
  • Figure out level creation; pre-made areas, or procedural generation?
  • Scoring, power-ups and game overs

If I can manage all of that, I’ll be doing really well going into day 2~

17 hours in

Time to have some dinner! I’ve got the “shops” working, and the main mechanic is in place and working nicely~ I still need to work on the animations, and add an element of danger into the game, but so far, so good!

21 hours in

I had to tweak how coins effect the player’s movement a little, but everything is back on track~ I’ve put off doing the player animations for long enough, so that’s my number one priority for the rest of the night. In the meantime, here’s a quick game play screenshot~

It’s a video game from 2017, so it’s gotta have loot boxes~

24 hours in

The half-way point! And what have we got to show for it?

Well, the game is technically finished; it has controls, player choice and win/lose conditions… but, it takes like, 20 seconds to “beat” the test level, so it doesn’t have the fun-factor just yet.

So, what is there left too do on Day 2?

  • Levels! – I figured that making a handful of levels maybe easier than figuring out how to randomise chunks, at least during a games jam. So, I’ve got to make some more towers.
  • Tutorials! – One thing that I think really helped with my last Ludum Dare entry was a series of tutorial levels, laying out exactly how the games within the game itself. There’s things in this game that might be easy to miss if you’re playing lots of entries back-to-back, so taking the time to explain the rules is pretty helpful~
  • Sound! – Jumping and picking up coins are integral to the game, so we’ve gotta have some satisfying sound effects to go alongside. Some musical tracks might be a big time investment, but even something simple can add an extra layer to a compo entry.
  • General Polish! – A few extra tweaks, bug fixes and little additions really help make a game shine, so if we have the time, we’ll do as much as we can~

Phew, that seems like a lot. But, the bulk of the game is pretty tidy, so we can start adding the bells and whistles in the morning~

Oh, and also, here’s the current title; I actually thought of the name first, and the game sprung from that, which I’m not sure has ever happened before during my LD experience~


34 hours in

I’m back up and ready to finish this off~ I got a head-start on the tutorials before going to bed, so that’s the first think that will get done. After that, I’ll make a few levels, and then see how we’re doing for time.

44 hours in

There’s not been a lot of updates in the last few hours, mostly because I’ve been hard at work~ The tutorial level is all dome, sound effects are in, and power-ups are working; there’s still a few more levels I could add, and maybe some basic musical tracks in the last few hours…

46 hours in

I made some music; it’s not exactly a masterpiece, but I have made some! I made two tracks, but one of them is kind of garbage, so I’m only sticking one in the game…. so, it might get really repetitive really fast.

I’ve still got a couple of hours left, so I’ll try and create one or two more levels, and then get ready to upload~

48 (+1) hours in

Aaaand time!

That’s it, another Ludum Dare completed! This one was a real roller-coaster of emotions; from no ideas, to an ambitious idea, to a simpler idea, to a working game, all in just two days~

‘AVARISK’ is a game about looting a tower, but where each coin you carry makes up slower, and speeds up the rising spike floor. It’s fun, in a stressful kinda way~ Check it out on, or on the Ludum Dare site~



Ludum Dare 38 – April 2017: Small world, isn’t it?

Happy 15th anniversary Ludum Dare! It’s hard to believe that it’s been going so long. I’ve only personally been taking part in it since… 2012?  Maybe 2011? I’m not exactly sure.
Either way, I can’t spend time reminiscing; There’s games to be made~

0 hours in


Whoa. Speaking of reminiscing, we had “Tiny Worlds” back in Ludum Dare 23! I can’t say that one end up that well… I don’t think we really had anything playable after the 72 hours…

But hey, maybe this time, I’ll take a better shot at it~

2 hours in

Coming up with any decent ideas was tough tonight, but I think I’ve got something to work with.

After almost getting there with Ludum Dare 36, I’m giving a management/ city builder game another try. “Monolith” had a bit of feature-creep towards the end, so I’ll do my best to avoid that this time around.

In any case, I’m going to bed now. Here’s a prototype wheat field~


9 hours in

After some sleep, I’ve decided my idea needs some reworking. I’ll play around with some tweaked concepts over the next couple of hours, but I need to have a fixed plan by hour 12, at the very least.

12 hours in

With a quarter of the time already gone, I’m making decent progress now. I’ve scrapped the whole city building aspect, and re-purposed it into a puzzle game. So, instead of trying to create and balance a load of different systems, I’ll try and have one pretty solid one~

15 hours in

Sometimes, things don’t work exactly as you intend them to…


As neat as it is to watch panels flip forever, I’ve gotta fix it. The blue column looks like its pulsing though~

20 hours in

I’ve solved whatever was cause the infinite-flips, and added the actual puzzle element, as well as a few more minor tweaks. I’ve hit a snag with the HTML5 build, but it runs on Windows just fine (for the moment).


The next this is to add in more variation in the the tiles, and start making some levels. But, so far, I’m pretty happy with how it’s working out~

24 hours in

Half-way point!


Tile variation is starting to go in, and I’ve done most of the “tutorial” levels; however, we’re still missing some pretty key things, like any kind of UI or SFX, but I normally wind up doing those on day two anyway.

Oh, and a name. Every game needs a name.

25 hours in

Alright, I’ve taken another chunk out of the pixel art, so I’m heading off to bed.  Still no luck with a name though; maybe inspiration will strike in the morning~

34 hours in

Back at it!

The first things I’ll work on this morning are the win conditions and end of level text. After that, a little bit of balancing needs to be done; I’ll need some tougher levels for later on.

38 hours in


Aww, I ❤ you too, game. Sometimes a little encouragement is all you need~

All of the tutorial text is done, plus a few extras. I’m currently aiming for around 20 levels, each getting a little tougher. I can always add a few more if I have the time.

The next job is to create an opening screen, and add a few useful features, like a reset button.

44 hours in

Well, I’ve finally settled on a name. My first choice was apparently a Christian rap artist from the States, so I’ve gone for…


It’s not exactly inspired, but it tells you what you need to know; there’s land, and you flip it. Easy~

With less than four hours left, I’m going to be adding a bunch more levels, and maybe some quick sound effects. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with how it’s all gone~

48 hours in

And that’s a wrap!

The Flip Lands ended up being pretty simple to play, but that’s okay. Sometimes puzzle games don’t need to be difficult~ I could always make “The Flip Lands: Flippin’ Tricky” later on down the line, but for now, I’m happy to call that a Ludum Dare well done!

If you’d like to try it out, head on over to the Ludum Dare site or my page! Otherwise, I’ll see you again in Ludum Dare 39~


Ludum Dare 37 – December 2016: A room with a view

Wow, it feels like an age since our last Ludum Dare! Actually it’s been a little while since I’ve done any game work at all, with my last project being the 0 hour game jam, so I’ll be trying not to make anything too ambitious~

Three, two, one, go time!

0 hours in


Hmm, okay. Not my first choice, but some interesting ideas to play with regardless. Give me an hour or so, and I’ll see what I can come up with~

1 hour in

Alright, I’ve got a few ideas down on paper at least, but none of them are really capturing my imagination right now.  I think I’ll sleep on it for a while; who knows, maybe I’ll dream up something way better over night~

8 hours in

Okay, back to it! I did have a couple of fresh ideas while I was eating breakfast, so I’ll start working on one of those for an hour or so, and see where that gets me~

12 hours in

You know how I said I’d try not to be too ambitious this time around?
…I think that may have gone completely out of the window.

My idea is simple enough in theory, but I’ll need to work out some kind of procedural generation, which I think will be the main hurdle for the game. So, I guess that’s what I’ll try and work on for a while~

Also, here’s a quick screenshot of what I’ve got so far.


16 hours in

Well, I spent a couple of hours looking into various methods of procedural room generation, and I figured it was going to consume way too much time to get right. And as with any games jam, time is off the essence!

Instead, I’ve already laid out half a dozen rooms by hand, and I’ll hopefully add some more before the end of the day. But, for now, I need to add in stuff like enemies, damage and weaponry.

Here’s another screenshot; very similar, but with more blue.


20 hours in

The last few hours have been dinner, combat and currency. I still need to create some enemy sprites, but I have a rough idea of the kinds of creatures you might be fighting.
Speaking of fighting,  I kinda like where the combat is right now, but it needs some kind of limiting factor; I’m thinking maybe a stamina bar?

Screenshot time~


24 hours in

Woo, half-way point!

Day one has been pretty successful; we’ve got movement, scoring, weapons, and a few room layouts too. Heading into the second day, I think my priorities are;

  • Enemies: Hitting stationary red blocks isn’t very rewarding. I’ll aim for 5 or so enemies, each with different attack patterns.
  • More room designs: Having ditched random generation, having a diverse range of dungeons to plunder is key.
  • Win-lose conditions: Without these, it isn’t really a game at all. I don’t see this being too problematic, but it does lead into…
  • Over-world: I’d like to add in an “outside”, where you can stock up on items, store coins, and maybe even see your past heroes.
  • Classes: Speaking of heroes, I really want to add in some more options besides just sword-person. If I can create say, an archer and a magic-user, I’d call that job done.

…In short, there’s still a lot to do in the next 24 hours.

32 hours in

And I’m back at it! Time to grab some breakfast real quick, and then onto enemies, and other hazards.
I did stay up for a little while longer last night, and created a few more rooms. I think if I can get a handful more done, I should have enough to create the illusion of randomness~

36 hours in

I’ve been making some decent progress; I’ve got two-and-a-half enemies ready and working, as well as a knock-back effect and damage. I think once I’ve finished the “shooting” enemy, I’ll work on win/lose conditions, and a simple shop system, so there’s actually a reason to be slaughtering these dungeon denizens.

It wouldn't be a dungeon game with skeletons and slimes~
It wouldn’t be a dungeon game with skeletons and slimes~

40 hours in

The above-ground area is starting to come together, but I still think there’s a lot of unused space…  Then again, I’m not done with all the art assets yet, so hopefully that problem will fix itself.


Animations for the vendors would be nice, but too time consuming right now…
And speaking of consuming, my mac-and-cheese is ready! Food break~

44 hours in

Alright, so, the shop works, random object spawns work, and dying almost works; it just needs a little tweaking. I might need to drop the additional classes though; I don’t think I’ve left myself enough to to create any new weapons. However, I can spend the next few hours sprucing the game up a bit, like by adding an actual health bar.

48 Hours in

And that’s a wrap!

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t manage to add in every feature that I would have liked, but I think I got like, 85% of them. I haven’t really balanced the game at all, so I think it’s a little too easy right now. I might end up tweaking it over the course of the week.

If you’d like to play it, you can find it here on, or on the Ludum Dare website.


Ludum Dare 36 – August 2016 : Kickin’ it old-school

Oh, hey again. I guess it’s time for another action-packed dive into game development!

…The only issue is, I kinda double-booked myself on the Saturday, so updates and progress might be a little sparse for the first 24 hours or so. However, I’m still 100% in, even if I end up gunning for a “jam” game instead of a “compo” game.

But all that aside, let’s make some game!

0 hours in

AncientTechOh, awesome. There were some really cool themes in the final vote this time, but I think this one might be my favourite.
Prehistory, here we come!

2 hours in

Aw yeah, I’m pretty pumped up for this. This Ludum Dare has allowed me to realise a game I’ve been toying with for a while now… Too bad I’ll have to ruin my focus by being out all day tomorrow.

Ah well, it’s not all bad! Here’s a super-duper primitive screenshot.

At least I've got some colourful boxes~
At least I’ve got some colourful boxes~

24 hours in

Wait, what? A whole day without any progress?! Surely this Ludum Dare attempt must be doomed!

…Well, maybe, but I sure hope not. Today’s excursion with a bunch of friends kinda took all day, so I didn’t get a single bit of development done. And now I’m really, really tired. So, unless I can crank out an entire game in just 24 hours (which is pretty unlikely), this Ludum Dare will in fact be a more chilled-out, 72 hour jam entry!

…But seriously, I’m so tried. See you in the morning~

35 hours in

Alright, I’m up, and I’m ready to get stuff done.
The first major thing I need to do is add in all the game systems, like building, population fluctuation and researching, then we can start doing fun stuff, like graphics~

41 hours in

So, now all the main systems are in-place (excluding random events), so now villagers can build, learn, hunt and starve! With this, the game reaches it’s first phase…

“Technically kinda playable”

But it’s not really very fun right now; it’s just a grey screen with a bunch of numbers. I think I’ll work on a rudimentary event system for a bit, try and pad out the “tech tree”, and then break for something to eat.

45 hours in

The last few hours have been developing the random event system, and adding in about 30-or-so cool little bonuses (or hindrances) to help spice up the game a bit. I still need to tweak the frequency and make some UI elements to go along with them, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s shaping up.

I might make the flavour text more humorous down the line, but this'll do for now.
I might make the flavour text more humorous down the line, but this’ll do for now.

I still need to do my pixel daily for today, so I might work on that for the next hour. Hopefully, that’ll get me in the right head-space to make so cool visuals later on tonight!

48 hours in

Aaand that’s time up, for the compo at least. I’ve been having a quick look at the Ludum Dare site, and there’s already so many awesome looking games. Hopefully I’ll be able to add mine by this time tomorrow~

I’ve just started working on graphics in the last hour, so I’ll need to keep the fancy-pants art stuff to a minimum, to make sure I actually get all the assets I need done in time. I do want the UI to look fairly nice, at least, as that’s the only bit the player really interacts with.

Oh, and I still need to add a solid win conditions. But, it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts!


50 hours in

After doing some quick graphics for the event pop-ups, and testing all the event to make sure the trigger correctly, I’m about ready to call it a night.
The game looks almost Identical to the first screenshot right now, just with a few more buttons and lines of text… Just use your imagination!

Tomorrow is all about the art though, so hopefully I’ll have something neat to show here~

58 hours in

Alright, I’m back up, and ready to go!

The first thing that needs doing is finalising the “tech-tree”, although I might cut it down to just a handful of things to research. Then we need new UI buttons, followed by more general artwork, and a menu/landing screen of some kind. After all of that, we should be good to go~

64 hours in

I’ve spent the last couple of hours re-hashing the random events and research code, and while it still needs a little tweaking, it’s better than it was. I’ve done around half the UI at this point, and I’m just working on the background right now.

Here's a chuck of said background.
Here’s a chuck of said background.

Initially, I wanted to have a day/night cycle, and seasonal changes. Seasons are coded in, but I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time to make any art assets for them… Maybe just a really simple pallet change?

72 hours in

Whoops, looks like I forgot about keeping this updated. ‘Times flies’, and all that, right?

As so often seems to be the case, I hit a bit of a snag during the last couple of hours, mostly involving the way that new technologies work. I think I’ve mostly fixed it, but the game is still kinda untested and lacks a bit of polish.
That said, I really do like this idea, and I wish I’d had the entire weekend to work on it. If you’d like to play it, you can download it via my page, or view it on the Ludum Dare website!

It's about rocks and stuff... kinda!
It’s about rocks and stuff… kinda!

Ludum Dare 35 – April 2016: Looking pretty shifty…

Oh boy, it’s Ludum Dare time again! Grab some snacks, kick back, and let’s make some games!

0 Hours in

Ooh, interesting~

Alright, neat. Let’s grab the ol’ marker pens and giant pieces of paper, and get some ideas down.

I’ve even got a timer on my desktop this time, just in case…

4 Hours in

Phew, alright. I’ve got some stuff working already, but it’s just the bare bones right now. I’ll catch some sleep for a few hours, and when I get back, I’ll let you know if I still like the idea. If not, it’ll be time for a-scrappin’!

…But that can wait until after bed…

10 Hours in

I’m back up at it, and having slept on it, I can say for sure that I don’t hate my idea. For now, I need to implement the main mechanic (expanding and contracting through holes), and once that’s done, I’ve got some pretty cool ideas in mind.

15 Hours in

Well, I spent a couple of hours working on a feature that just didn’t work, so it looks like I’ll have to do it the hard way.

“What is it?” you ask?

Well, you’ll just have to wait and find out!

Oh yeah, and here’s a quick in-dev GIF for you~

 17 Hours in

Break time! I’ve still got a couple of things to iron out as far as game-play goes, but for now, I need something to eat.

22 Hours in

We’re coming up on the halfway point, and I’m making pretty decent progress. The game is really very simple, but hopefully over the next 24 hours I can polish it up a bit.

For the moment though, here’s the working title!


25 Hour in

I’m getting a little sleepy again, so here’s a bit of the “polish” I mentioned earlier.

It’s.. a title screen, I think?

I think it’s starting to come together quite well, if I do say so myself. Tomorrow is a day for a few tweaks to the game-play, and perhaps some music too…

I know I always say I’ll add music, but this time, I really mean it!

31 Hours in

Good morning LDers! It’s weirdly sunny here right now; I can see while people wake up before midday if it’s always like this…

The main goals over the next few hours are particle effects and sound, and then once that’s done, take a look a music.

35 Hours in

The last few hours have been pretty productive; I’ve done particles, game over screens and some basic sound effects. I just need to tighten up a couple of things, and then we’ll break for lunch~

40 Hours in

I had to spend a bit of time re-hashing the code for scoring (which I somehow screwed up last night), but now it works like a charm. Now there’s just a few minor things to add, and we’ll be done.


Oh yeah, I really DID add music this time around!

The only problem is, I can’t tell if it’s catchy, or if I’ve just been working on it for too long…

44 Hours in

Aaand we’re done, with 4 hours to spare. I think that’s a personal Ludum Dare first; I normally go right up to the wire.
…I guess I could try and add a new feature or three. I’ve got plenty of time, right?


Well, maybe not. Either way, here’s a final game-play GIF.

Man, you’re missing out on some sweet music right about now…

If you like, you can download it from or check it out on the Ludum Dare website!


Ludum Dare 34 – December 2015: Grow big or grow home

Oh, hey again. I manage to drag myself away from playing Xenoblade Chronicles X for just long enough to make another game, so let’s see how that goes, shall we?

0 Hours in

…For reals?

Well, I mean, I guess that can happen?


…I guess I’ll break out the ol’ marker pens and paper, and get down some ideas!

4 hours in

Well, I ate some stuff, watched some stuff and found some new music to listen to.

Oh yeah, and I also came up with a neat game idea and got some visuals rolling. Not too bad for 6 AM.

Yeah, get busy growing, ya' damn plants!
Yeah, get busy growing, ya’ damn plants!

11 hours in

I’m awake, and I’m ready to get some game mechanics nailed down. I know pretty much how I want the game to play, so hopefully I’ll have it test-able by the end of the day.

17 hours in

It’s been a productive few hours, and I’ve got something almost playable. Hopefully, the game should be up and running by the end of the first day, so I’m definitely on track. I’ll grab some dinner quick-smart, then I’ll finish off the rest of the necessary graphics.

Looks like the Scottish flag has gone a bit skeewy...
Looks like the Scottish flag has gone a bit skeewy…

22 hours in

Worked my way through the last few “combos”, and right now, it’s feeling pretty nice to play. I can doodle some more plants for an hour or two, add those in, and have a fully working version before I go to bed. That’s the plan, at least…

While I work on that, here’s a snippet of my ridiculous code~

What does that even mean?
What does that even mean?

25 hours in

Whoop, I missed the halfway update point. But, that’s because I have exciting news!

For the first time ever, I’ll have actual sound effects in my Ludum Dare game!

I mean, I did have music allll the way back in MiniLD35 but that was, what, 3-4 years ago? And besides, it wasn’t quite a full blown 48-hour affair anyway, so I doubt it even counts.

…I would screenshot it for you, but… it’s audio.

Well, here are the files. I guess that's something...
Well, here are the files. I guess that’s something…

28 hours in

Well, it’s 6 AM here now, so I’m going to bed for a few hours.

However, I’ll leave you with a progress GIF. I’m super-happy with what I’ve got so far.

It took me like, 5 minutes to capture me playing my own game well...
It took me like, 5 minutes to capture me playing my own game well…

Menus, background and maybe multiplayer, all coming tomorrow!

36 hours in

I overslept slightly, but I should still be able to finish on time. First order of the day is making the game look a bit less…grey. I’m still aiming for split-screen multiplayer, but it will mean dupilcating a bunch of stuff, then changing it ever so slightly…. Which is really, really time consuming. Still, I’ll give it a shot if I have 3+ hours left.

42 hours in

I'll add a background soon, I promise!
I’ll add a background soon, I promise!

46 hours in

I hit a couple of snags with the multiplayer, so I’ve been working on a title for the game for the last half-hour or so.

Here’s what I came up with~

Woo! Screen-shake!
Woo! Screen-shake!

I might polish up the animation a bit, if I have time. Right now, however, I’m gunning for customisable controls.

…This should end well.

48 Hours in

Phew, another Ludum Dare, done and dusted.

I’m actually pretty pleased with this one… even though I had to cut some bit outs. And controller mapping is totally broken. And I never got around to making the background. And sometimes it bugs-out for no reason.

…So yeah, a successfully Ludum Dare if ever there was one!


…you know, if you feel like it.

Or go and look at it on the Ludum Dare website.

Ludum Dare 33 – August 2015: I did the monster mash

Whoa, it’s been a whole year since my last game jam, huh? Man, time flies when you’re playing ga-… I mean, graduating university. Yup, pretty hectic. Even so, I’m ready to flex my game making muscles once again, in my quest to make something really cool one day!

1 hour to go

Man, looking around the Ludum Dare website, a whole load of people seemed super psyched for the jam this time around. I mean, the site looks really classy now, so maybe that has something to do with it? Anyway, while we have some time to kill, here’s a quick look at the list of possible theme, and how I voted.


Quite a mixed bag, right? I’ll admit, I only “+1” the themes I can quickly come up with ideas for. If I get suck on brainstorming for too long, it can really get me down.
Also, I was kinda bummed out that I missed GBJam last week, so I really feel like making something with a Game Boy colour pallet. So, maybe expect lots of off-greens this LD.

0 hours in

Well, how presumptuous…


Well, I’m pretty happy with that. I mean, I did vote for it, after all.
I did have a couple of ideas for this theme, but I’m gonna see if I have anything fresh and interesting now that I can set my mind to it. I’ve got a whole whiteboard, a bunch of new marker pens and half a packet of chilli nuts… Lets jam!

2 hours in

Well, after an hour or so of coming up with ideas, I’m finally set on something that should be fun to make, and not awful to play. Although, I did need to do a bit of research before I could really commit myself…


RPG-esque text boxes was something I could never figure in Game Maker, but I’ve often wished to have that “text is appearing as it’s spoken” effect. So, all credit to this really useful tutorial. Hopefully, that’ll save me a bunch of time and stress.

10 hours in

Grabbed about 6 hours of sleep, and now I’m up and ready to go!
I was messing around with colour pallets last night before I left, so I’ll try and get that nailed down, as well as the designs for most of the NPCs.

13 hours in


Man, that skeleton is so nice!

I think next up, I’ll be working on a sweet looking movement animation for the main character. I’d like to get a cool, fluid-y look to it, so it’ll look more like a slime creature, and less like a sweaty green ball.

16 hours in

I’ve spent the last 3 hours just tweaking bits and pieces, and generally trying to avoid doing background art,(which I think is going to be like, 75% of the screen…

Ah well, here’s a neat slime.

Boing-spat. Boing-splat. Boing-splat.
Boing-spat. Boing-splat. Boing-splat.

19 hours in

In the last 3 hours, I’ve eaten a whole bunch of barbecue food, had GIMP crash on me, and made a handful of background assets. Not too bad, by my standards. Here’s another snapshot of how it’s all looking.


Desk size is subject to change. As is mostly everything else.

…But those desks most of all.

24 hours in

Phew, what a day! I feel like I’ve had some decent progress in the last few hours, even if what I was working on wasn’t very flashy, or, as some people would say, useful in any way at all. At least all the skeleton workers are keeping busy.

Whoa, that's a lot of skele-mans and skele-ladies.
Whoa, that’s a lot of skele-mans and skele-ladies…

I also knocked up a bunch of background junk, including posters to inspire my undead workforce!


That should help to motivate any lazy bones in that sorry looking bunch…

Heh, lazy bones. Get it?

26 hours in

Spent a while fiddling with room transition and navigation, but now I’m pretty tired. I’ll grab some sleep, but then I’ll dive straight back in, and turn this thing into an actual real game. Like, with goals and stuff.


34 hours in

I’m back, and totally ready to get this game done! Here’s a quick run-down of what I still have left to do;

  • A couple of interact-able items need art
  • A handful more background objects (so the rooms won’t all look the same)
  • Layouts for 4/5 rooms
  • Actual plot
  • Maybe a title screen?

…Actually, that doesn’t seem like all that much. I’d better get cracking!

40 hours in

Eck. I got caught up trying to fix some weirdness with the inventory system, and time slipped away from me a bit. At least I managed to fix it. I also managed to do all my interact-able items, so now I can go ahead and make some office space.

46 hours in

As the end draws near, here’s a quick look at the almost finished game!


The background is still a like bare, but I think that’ll have to do. Now I just need to polish some stuff up, and think of a name.

48 hours in

Gah, the Ludum Dare curse strikes again! Just an hour short of the deadline, and I find a huge bug that totally breaks the “story”. The game is still playable, there just… isn’t really a point to it. I could have added an extra day’s worth of time and submitted it as a jam entry, I guess… But here it is regardless.

“My First Day in 6-5: Slime’s first day on the job as a baddie!”

I’ll fix the worst of the issues as soon as I can, hopefully before the judging starts. If not, it’s a rather charming romp around a castle-office.