Ludum Dare 38 – April 2017: Small world, isn’t it?

Happy 15th anniversary Ludum Dare! It’s hard to believe that it’s been going so long. I’ve only personally been taking part in it since… 2012?  Maybe 2011? I’m not exactly sure.
Either way, I can’t spend time reminiscing; There’s games to be made~

0 hours in


Whoa. Speaking of reminiscing, we had “Tiny Worlds” back in Ludum Dare 23! I can’t say that one end up that well… I don’t think we really had anything playable after the 72 hours…

But hey, maybe this time, I’ll take a better shot at it~

2 hours in

Coming up with any decent ideas was tough tonight, but I think I’ve got something to work with.

After almost getting there with Ludum Dare 36, I’m giving a management/ city builder game another try. “Monolith” had a bit of feature-creep towards the end, so I’ll do my best to avoid that this time around.

In any case, I’m going to bed now. Here’s a prototype wheat field~


9 hours in

After some sleep, I’ve decided my idea needs some reworking. I’ll play around with some tweaked concepts over the next couple of hours, but I need to have a fixed plan by hour 12, at the very least.

12 hours in

With a quarter of the time already gone, I’m making decent progress now. I’ve scrapped the whole city building aspect, and re-purposed it into a puzzle game. So, instead of trying to create and balance a load of different systems, I’ll try and have one pretty solid one~

15 hours in

Sometimes, things don’t work exactly as you intend them to…


As neat as it is to watch panels flip forever, I’ve gotta fix it. The blue column looks like its pulsing though~

20 hours in

I’ve solved whatever was cause the infinite-flips, and added the actual puzzle element, as well as a few more minor tweaks. I’ve hit a snag with the HTML5 build, but it runs on Windows just fine (for the moment).


The next this is to add in more variation in the the tiles, and start making some levels. But, so far, I’m pretty happy with how it’s working out~

24 hours in

Half-way point!


Tile variation is starting to go in, and I’ve done most of the “tutorial” levels; however, we’re still missing some pretty key things, like any kind of UI or SFX, but I normally wind up doing those on day two anyway.

Oh, and a name. Every game needs a name.

25 hours in

Alright, I’ve taken another chunk out of the pixel art, so I’m heading off to bed.  Still no luck with a name though; maybe inspiration will strike in the morning~

34 hours in

Back at it!

The first things I’ll work on this morning are the win conditions and end of level text. After that, a little bit of balancing needs to be done; I’ll need some tougher levels for later on.

38 hours in


Aww, I ❤ you too, game. Sometimes a little encouragement is all you need~

All of the tutorial text is done, plus a few extras. I’m currently aiming for around 20 levels, each getting a little tougher. I can always add a few more if I have the time.

The next job is to create an opening screen, and add a few useful features, like a reset button.

44 hours in

Well, I’ve finally settled on a name. My first choice was apparently a Christian rap artist from the States, so I’ve gone for…


It’s not exactly inspired, but it tells you what you need to know; there’s land, and you flip it. Easy~

With less than four hours left, I’m going to be adding a bunch more levels, and maybe some quick sound effects. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with how it’s all gone~

48 hours in

And that’s a wrap!

The Flip Lands ended up being pretty simple to play, but that’s okay. Sometimes puzzle games don’t need to be difficult~ I could always make “The Flip Lands: Flippin’ Tricky” later on down the line, but for now, I’m happy to call that a Ludum Dare well done!

If you’d like to try it out, head on over to the Ludum Dare site or my page! Otherwise, I’ll see you again in Ludum Dare 39~



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