Ludum Dare 37 – December 2016: A room with a view

Wow, it feels like an age since our last Ludum Dare! Actually it’s been a little while since I’ve done any game work at all, with my last project being the 0 hour game jam, so I’ll be trying not to make anything too ambitious~

Three, two, one, go time!

0 hours in


Hmm, okay. Not my first choice, but some interesting ideas to play with regardless. Give me an hour or so, and I’ll see what I can come up with~

1 hour in

Alright, I’ve got a few ideas down on paper at least, but none of them are really capturing my imagination right now.  I think I’ll sleep on it for a while; who knows, maybe I’ll dream up something way better over night~

8 hours in

Okay, back to it! I did have a couple of fresh ideas while I was eating breakfast, so I’ll start working on one of those for an hour or so, and see where that gets me~

12 hours in

You know how I said I’d try not to be too ambitious this time around?
…I think that may have gone completely out of the window.

My idea is simple enough in theory, but I’ll need to work out some kind of procedural generation, which I think will be the main hurdle for the game. So, I guess that’s what I’ll try and work on for a while~

Also, here’s a quick screenshot of what I’ve got so far.


16 hours in

Well, I spent a couple of hours looking into various methods of procedural room generation, and I figured it was going to consume way too much time to get right. And as with any games jam, time is off the essence!

Instead, I’ve already laid out half a dozen rooms by hand, and I’ll hopefully add some more before the end of the day. But, for now, I need to add in stuff like enemies, damage and weaponry.

Here’s another screenshot; very similar, but with more blue.


20 hours in

The last few hours have been dinner, combat and currency. I still need to create some enemy sprites, but I have a rough idea of the kinds of creatures you might be fighting.
Speaking of fighting,  I kinda like where the combat is right now, but it needs some kind of limiting factor; I’m thinking maybe a stamina bar?

Screenshot time~


24 hours in

Woo, half-way point!

Day one has been pretty successful; we’ve got movement, scoring, weapons, and a few room layouts too. Heading into the second day, I think my priorities are;

  • Enemies: Hitting stationary red blocks isn’t very rewarding. I’ll aim for 5 or so enemies, each with different attack patterns.
  • More room designs: Having ditched random generation, having a diverse range of dungeons to plunder is key.
  • Win-lose conditions: Without these, it isn’t really a game at all. I don’t see this being too problematic, but it does lead into…
  • Over-world: I’d like to add in an “outside”, where you can stock up on items, store coins, and maybe even see your past heroes.
  • Classes: Speaking of heroes, I really want to add in some more options besides just sword-person. If I can create say, an archer and a magic-user, I’d call that job done.

…In short, there’s still a lot to do in the next 24 hours.

32 hours in

And I’m back at it! Time to grab some breakfast real quick, and then onto enemies, and other hazards.
I did stay up for a little while longer last night, and created a few more rooms. I think if I can get a handful more done, I should have enough to create the illusion of randomness~

36 hours in

I’ve been making some decent progress; I’ve got two-and-a-half enemies ready and working, as well as a knock-back effect and damage. I think once I’ve finished the “shooting” enemy, I’ll work on win/lose conditions, and a simple shop system, so there’s actually a reason to be slaughtering these dungeon denizens.

It wouldn't be a dungeon game with skeletons and slimes~
It wouldn’t be a dungeon game with skeletons and slimes~

40 hours in

The above-ground area is starting to come together, but I still think there’s a lot of unused space…  Then again, I’m not done with all the art assets yet, so hopefully that problem will fix itself.


Animations for the vendors would be nice, but too time consuming right now…
And speaking of consuming, my mac-and-cheese is ready! Food break~

44 hours in

Alright, so, the shop works, random object spawns work, and dying almost works; it just needs a little tweaking. I might need to drop the additional classes though; I don’t think I’ve left myself enough to to create any new weapons. However, I can spend the next few hours sprucing the game up a bit, like by adding an actual health bar.

48 Hours in

And that’s a wrap!

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t manage to add in every feature that I would have liked, but I think I got like, 85% of them. I haven’t really balanced the game at all, so I think it’s a little too easy right now. I might end up tweaking it over the course of the week.

If you’d like to play it, you can find it here on, or on the Ludum Dare website.



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