Ludum Dare 36 – August 2016 : Kickin’ it old-school

Oh, hey again. I guess it’s time for another action-packed dive into game development!

…The only issue is, I kinda double-booked myself on the Saturday, so updates and progress might be a little sparse for the first 24 hours or so. However, I’m still 100% in, even if I end up gunning for a “jam” game instead of a “compo” game.

But all that aside, let’s make some game!

0 hours in

AncientTechOh, awesome. There were some really cool themes in the final vote this time, but I think this one might be my favourite.
Prehistory, here we come!

2 hours in

Aw yeah, I’m pretty pumped up for this. This Ludum Dare has allowed me to realise a game I’ve been toying with for a while now… Too bad I’ll have to ruin my focus by being out all day tomorrow.

Ah well, it’s not all bad! Here’s a super-duper primitive screenshot.

At least I've got some colourful boxes~
At least I’ve got some colourful boxes~

24 hours in

Wait, what? A whole day without any progress?! Surely this Ludum Dare attempt must be doomed!

…Well, maybe, but I sure hope not. Today’s excursion with a bunch of friends kinda took all day, so I didn’t get a single bit of development done. And now I’m really, really tired. So, unless I can crank out an entire game in just 24 hours (which is pretty unlikely), this Ludum Dare will in fact be a more chilled-out, 72 hour jam entry!

…But seriously, I’m so tried. See you in the morning~

35 hours in

Alright, I’m up, and I’m ready to get stuff done.
The first major thing I need to do is add in all the game systems, like building, population fluctuation and researching, then we can start doing fun stuff, like graphics~

41 hours in

So, now all the main systems are in-place (excluding random events), so now villagers can build, learn, hunt and starve! With this, the game reaches it’s first phase…

“Technically kinda playable”

But it’s not really very fun right now; it’s just a grey screen with a bunch of numbers. I think I’ll work on a rudimentary event system for a bit, try and pad out the “tech tree”, and then break for something to eat.

45 hours in

The last few hours have been developing the random event system, and adding in about 30-or-so cool little bonuses (or hindrances) to help spice up the game a bit. I still need to tweak the frequency and make some UI elements to go along with them, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s shaping up.

I might make the flavour text more humorous down the line, but this'll do for now.
I might make the flavour text more humorous down the line, but this’ll do for now.

I still need to do my pixel daily for today, so I might work on that for the next hour. Hopefully, that’ll get me in the right head-space to make so cool visuals later on tonight!

48 hours in

Aaand that’s time up, for the compo at least. I’ve been having a quick look at the Ludum Dare site, and there’s already so many awesome looking games. Hopefully I’ll be able to add mine by this time tomorrow~

I’ve just started working on graphics in the last hour, so I’ll need to keep the fancy-pants art stuff to a minimum, to make sure I actually get all the assets I need done in time. I do want the UI to look fairly nice, at least, as that’s the only bit the player really interacts with.

Oh, and I still need to add a solid win conditions. But, it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts!


50 hours in

After doing some quick graphics for the event pop-ups, and testing all the event to make sure the trigger correctly, I’m about ready to call it a night.
The game looks almost Identical to the first screenshot right now, just with a few more buttons and lines of text… Just use your imagination!

Tomorrow is all about the art though, so hopefully I’ll have something neat to show here~

58 hours in

Alright, I’m back up, and ready to go!

The first thing that needs doing is finalising the “tech-tree”, although I might cut it down to just a handful of things to research. Then we need new UI buttons, followed by more general artwork, and a menu/landing screen of some kind. After all of that, we should be good to go~

64 hours in

I’ve spent the last couple of hours re-hashing the random events and research code, and while it still needs a little tweaking, it’s better than it was. I’ve done around half the UI at this point, and I’m just working on the background right now.

Here's a chuck of said background.
Here’s a chuck of said background.

Initially, I wanted to have a day/night cycle, and seasonal changes. Seasons are coded in, but I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time to make any art assets for them… Maybe just a really simple pallet change?

72 hours in

Whoops, looks like I forgot about keeping this updated. ‘Times flies’, and all that, right?

As so often seems to be the case, I hit a bit of a snag during the last couple of hours, mostly involving the way that new technologies work. I think I’ve mostly fixed it, but the game is still kinda untested and lacks a bit of polish.
That said, I really do like this idea, and I wish I’d had the entire weekend to work on it. If you’d like to play it, you can download it via my page, or view it on the Ludum Dare website!

It's about rocks and stuff... kinda!
It’s about rocks and stuff… kinda!

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