Ludum Dare 34 – December 2015: Grow big or grow home

Oh, hey again. I manage to drag myself away from playing Xenoblade Chronicles X for just long enough to make another game, so let’s see how that goes, shall we?

0 Hours in

…For reals?

Well, I mean, I guess that can happen?


…I guess I’ll break out the ol’ marker pens and paper, and get down some ideas!

4 hours in

Well, I ate some stuff, watched some stuff and found some new music to listen to.

Oh yeah, and I also came up with a neat game idea and got some visuals rolling. Not too bad for 6 AM.

Yeah, get busy growing, ya' damn plants!
Yeah, get busy growing, ya’ damn plants!

11 hours in

I’m awake, and I’m ready to get some game mechanics nailed down. I know pretty much how I want the game to play, so hopefully I’ll have it test-able by the end of the day.

17 hours in

It’s been a productive few hours, and I’ve got something almost playable. Hopefully, the game should be up and running by the end of the first day, so I’m definitely on track. I’ll grab some dinner quick-smart, then I’ll finish off the rest of the necessary graphics.

Looks like the Scottish flag has gone a bit skeewy...
Looks like the Scottish flag has gone a bit skeewy…

22 hours in

Worked my way through the last few “combos”, and right now, it’s feeling pretty nice to play. I can doodle some more plants for an hour or two, add those in, and have a fully working version before I go to bed. That’s the plan, at least…

While I work on that, here’s a snippet of my ridiculous code~

What does that even mean?
What does that even mean?

25 hours in

Whoop, I missed the halfway update point. But, that’s because I have exciting news!

For the first time ever, I’ll have actual sound effects in my Ludum Dare game!

I mean, I did have music allll the way back in MiniLD35 but that was, what, 3-4 years ago? And besides, it wasn’t quite a full blown 48-hour affair anyway, so I doubt it even counts.

…I would screenshot it for you, but… it’s audio.

Well, here are the files. I guess that's something...
Well, here are the files. I guess that’s something…

28 hours in

Well, it’s 6 AM here now, so I’m going to bed for a few hours.

However, I’ll leave you with a progress GIF. I’m super-happy with what I’ve got so far.

It took me like, 5 minutes to capture me playing my own game well...
It took me like, 5 minutes to capture me playing my own game well…

Menus, background and maybe multiplayer, all coming tomorrow!

36 hours in

I overslept slightly, but I should still be able to finish on time. First order of the day is making the game look a bit less…grey. I’m still aiming for split-screen multiplayer, but it will mean dupilcating a bunch of stuff, then changing it ever so slightly…. Which is really, really time consuming. Still, I’ll give it a shot if I have 3+ hours left.

42 hours in

I'll add a background soon, I promise!
I’ll add a background soon, I promise!

46 hours in

I hit a couple of snags with the multiplayer, so I’ve been working on a title for the game for the last half-hour or so.

Here’s what I came up with~

Woo! Screen-shake!
Woo! Screen-shake!

I might polish up the animation a bit, if I have time. Right now, however, I’m gunning for customisable controls.

…This should end well.

48 Hours in

Phew, another Ludum Dare, done and dusted.

I’m actually pretty pleased with this one… even though I had to cut some bit outs. And controller mapping is totally broken. And I never got around to making the background. And sometimes it bugs-out for no reason.

…So yeah, a successfully Ludum Dare if ever there was one!


…you know, if you feel like it.

Or go and look at it on the Ludum Dare website.


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