Nov 2nd – Status update

I’m trying to get into the habit of making a semi-regular updates, mostly so that I can keep track of all the projects I start (and drop), as well as whatever else I feel like.


I’m gonna be attempting 1GAM this month, mostly because I’ve got a whole bunch of free time on my hands. The optional theme is “Prose”, which ties nicely in with a game the I’ve been thinking about making for a while, so hopefully, I can making something neat. I’ll try and do a progress update every week, if it’s all progressing well.

I’m finally on! …As of right now, there’s nothing there, but I’ll probably upload the more polished of my Ludum Dare games, maybe in a bundle or something. They’ll be free of course, but it’ll be good to have all my games in one place, as opposed to scattered all over this site.


As you might have noticed, I’ve been changing this site is some pretty major ways. I’ll probably still tweak it a bit more, and make it a bit more “professional”, but I’m pretty happy with how it looks at least.


Yes, actually. Outside of a game jams, I’ve been working on “Bore2”, which is a psudo-sequel to “Bore to the Core“, my entry in the April Ludum Dare back in 2014. It’s only a sequel in the fact that it’s set underground and you play as a giant drill, but I’ve got some pretty cool ideas I want to try out, and if all goes well, I’ll have something that’ll actually be really fun. As with #1GAM, I’ll aim to post an update every week or so from now on, so watch this space… or some space around here, at least.


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