Ludum Dare 30 – August 2014: Better Connected

Wow, we’re already up to the 30th Ludum Dare? I mean, I’ve only partaken in 6 of them, plus a handful of Ludum Dare minis… But enough about the past (as cool as it might be, with dinosaurs and everything), and onto Ludum Dare: The 30th One!

0 hours in

Hmm, not my first choice…

…But a cool theme none-the-less. I feel like we’ll get a lot of cool games out of this LD. The question is, will mine be amongst them? I guess I’d better get brain storming.


2 hours in

Okay, so, after bouncing some ideas around, it turns out that this theme hasn’t exactly got my creative juices flowing. I’ve got a table full of ideas, but none of them are exceedingly ground-breaking. However, I’m probably going with the one that seems the most fun to make, if not to play: the cryptically named “Idea 8”.


…But more on that after I’ve had some sleep.


10 hours in

Alright, time to get to work. I have (in theory) figured out all the individual parts that I’ll need to implement before the game is actually playable. None of it seems to hard, and if it is… I’m sure I can create a messy work-around instead.

Oh yeah, and here’s a guy I made before I went to bed last night.

Yes hello I'm a business man.
Yes hello I’m a business man.


12 hours in

Every Ludum Dare is a little bit different for me. Different theme, different workspace, different people. Each come with their own ups-and downs… But, seeing as I’m back at the family home this month, I have the bonus of actual, home-cooked food.

Fried potatoes, egg and bacon. Aww yeah.
Fried potatoes, egg and bacon. Aww yeah.

That’s prime game-making fuel, right there.


17 hours in

Progress is going… pretty well. I’ve done a little bit of everything so far, which means I’ve got half finished game-play to go with half finished graphics. Here’s a slice of screenshot to check out while I go and grab a slice of pizza.

It doesn't look like all that much, but making a shopping system from scratch is tougher than I expected...
It doesn’t look like all that much, but making a shopping system from scratch is tougher than I expected…


23 hours in

You know I was saying earlier about “ups-and-downs”? Well, one of the problems with doing the Ludum Dare from home is there are way too many distractions. I mean, the new Doctor Who was good and all, but it was a whole hour where I didn’t get anything done…

That said, I’ve got the “worst” part out of the way: you can now buy AND sell items. Pretty neat, eh? I’m sure that’ll be super important later…

Man, that really is a very blue background... I should change that.
Man, that really is a very blue background… I should change that.


26 hours in

Just starting to wind down for the night now. I’ve got a whole bunch of art stuff to do tomorrow, but that should be fun…. right? But for now, I think getting a few hours sleep seems like the best course of action.


33 hours in

Alright, back up and working already. So far, I’ve assigned properties to all of the items that I currently have, so I’ll be able to do the “quest” part of the game in the next few hours… if all goes to plan. In the meantime, I’ve got a load of sprites to make.


36 hours in

Time for a lunch break, I think. The last couple of hours have been spent knocking out sprites for the various inventories and dimensions within the game; I’ve actually got about half of them done by now, which only leaves the background art and a menu. “Under the hood”, I still need to add an element of game play into the game… It’s probably be something simple, like a timer and a local high-score board.

…That can be done after some lunch though.

Quite the little collection I've built up...
Quite the little collection I’ve built up…


42 hours in

Gah. An annoying bug with the inter-dimensional travel kept me occupided for the last hour or two, but I’m happy to say, it’s fixed now. It has set me back a little bit however, and I think I might need to cut back on a few features that would be super-cool to have… But, isn’t that part of the fun of doing the Ludum Dare?


48 hours in

Phew, another Ludum Dare, another game made… Well, for the most part. It’s totally playable, and (mostly) bug-free, but I feel like it’s not very fun. It’s got all the key ingreadients of a neat little game though; I just wish I’d spent less time fixing stuff and more time adding cool features…

Still, if you want to check it out, you can download it right here!

A inter-dimensional trading simulator, with dinosaurs!
A inter-dimensional trading simulator, with dinosaurs!

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