Ludum Dare 29 – April 2014: It’s all going down

Well, looks like it this time of year again. Ludum Dare time, to be exact. So, without further-ado, let’s kick things off!


0 hours in

Loving the new design on the Ludum Dare website, by the way.

…And what a fine start it is. I’m actually very please with the theme this time around. I mean, I’m not sure if I’ll be saying this in five-hours or so, but for now, good theme. Time to get some ideas down on paper.


9 hours in

Woke up, got myself some juice, and now I need to work out if any of the ideas I had last night can actually be turned into fun, playable games. The theme left me with loads of different directions to go in, so I’m rather spoilt for choice, this time around. However, one idea stands just above the rest… so let’s go with that one.

11 hours in

Spend the last couple of hours finalising my ideas and starting to make some art. In fact, here’s some art right now!

Pretty neat, eh?
Pretty neat, eh?

But now, I’m super hungry, so I guess it’s time for lunch.

Obligatory food picture
Obligatory food picture

Yeah-yeah, tasty bagel.

16 hours in

It’s been a good few hours. Finished off the most important art for the “main character”, got everything working properly in Game Maker Studio, and even found time to buy myself some more Lucozade.

See? I made a list and everything! Still need to do that last one though...
See? I made a list and everything! Still need to do that last one though…

Over the next few hours, I should be adding actual game play, and I might mess around with some music and sounds effects, depending on what I can find. But, so far, so good!


22 hours in

As I eat my mozzarella, pest and chicken…things, I guess now is a good time to have a progress check of Ludum Dare #29, day 1.

I liked the theme, which is always good, and I had a decent selection of ideas right off the bat. And then I slept.

I managed to get some graphics going nice and early, but didn’t get anything moving “in-engine” until about halfway through the day. Since then, I’ve just been tweaking numbers and adding an initial level of game play.

And here it is. My game, at (almost )the half-way point.
And here it is. My game, at (almost )the half-way point.

I’ll be up for a few hours yet, but tomorrow is mostly going to consist of adding power-ups and hazards, a main menu, and hopefully, a bit of sound. I can safely say that <insert game title here> is coming along quite nicely.

Oh yeah, and here’s the aforementioned mozzarella-pesto-chicken things… I’m not sure what they are, but they taste pretty good.

Mm-mm, that's some good... whatever it is.
Mm-mm, that’s some good… whatever it is.

22 hours in

I’ve been having loads of fun over the last couple of hours, getting intimate with Game Maker Studio’s particle system. This was totally new to me, but after using it, it’s actually pretty awesome. Check this out, for instance.

Look at the dirt go!
Look at the dirt go!

Oh, please ignore that floating red crystal… It really shouldn’t be there…

26 hours in

Progress has started to wind down in the last hour or so, but I implemented power-ups, and tweaked a few things graphically. Oh, and I also found programs for sound and music. I’ll be using bfxr for all my sound effects, and Terry Cavanagh’s Bosca Ceoil for music… But that can all wait until the morning.

Yeah, that's one way to put it, I guess.
Yeah, that’s one way to put it, I guess.

34 hours in

I often forget how important sleep is, especially during a Ludum Dare. But, now I’m back, and ready to turn <still unnamed game> into my best LD entry yet. In no particular order, here’s the stuff I still have left to do.

  • Tweak power ups, so they’re all different
  • Create the art for obstacles
  • Make a main menu and game over screen
  • Create some more sound effects
  • Create some sweets beats

So, let’s get to it!

43 hours in

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been pretty busy. As it turns out, making a good looking game-over screen is way harder that you might think, so I guess I’ll just have an okay-ish looking one instead. Still need to work on music and sounds, but as long as I have something that looks cool and doesn’t break all that often, I’ll call it a win.

Here's another GIF of the game. Fossils will be randomised, when I get around to it...
Here’s another GIF of the game. Fossils will be randomised, when I get around to it…

45 hours in

Just a quick update to say that the game finally has a name!

Get boring!
Get boring!

Now I just need to finish making it…

48 hours in

Where has the time gone, eh? I managed to spend a lot of the second day getting caught up on rather trivial parts of the game, so I’ve ended up cutting any and all sound, which is a shame. A few minor ideas had to be scrapped as well, but I’ll do a post-mortem and cover that at some other point. But for now, here’s a playable version of …

“Bore to the Core”!


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