Weekend Quest – Legend of Dungeon



Legend of Dungeon is a randomly generated brawler-slash-dungeon crawler, created by indie studio, RobotLovesKitty.

Legend has it that, deep down, 26 levels below the surface, there lies a vault of unimaginable wealth. The kind of loot that would set you up for the rest of your life… which is rather unfortunate, seeing as you’re unlikely to survive getting there, let alone getting back with the treasure. Each time you enter, the loot, the weapons, the enemies and the rooms of the dungeon are randomly generated, meaning you might fly though with a flaming sword in one hand and a skull-shooting tome in the other, mowing down all evil in your path… or you might take one step inside and find yourself toe-to-toe with the grim reaper.

I really dig this game for a few reasons. First of all, the art style, especially the characters, gives me a “Swords & Sworcery EP” vibe, which I love. That, and the lighting effects and shadows, make the game look really neat. The soundtrack is pretty cool as well, as it’s procedurally generated alongside the dungeon, so adds some extra atmosphere. Legend of Dungeon has a lot of rouge-like elements, but it also has local multiplayer, which is a load of fun, and could be chaos with four people competing for loot and trying to stay alive.

  • Available on: PC
  • Play it if you like: Beat ’em ups with a twist, exploration, laser-shooting cats as weapons
  • Get it from: Steam or the Legend of Dungeon webpage


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