Weekend Quest – Mercenary KIngs


Mercenary Kings is a shoot-’em-up platformer, currently being developed by Tribute, the awesome team behind the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World game.

A villainous organisation known as CLAW has seized a top-secret island laboratory, and only you, the last surviving members of the Mercenary Kings, can thwart them. And you’ll need guns… A whole lot of guns. Actually, so many guns, that they couldn’t all be shipped together. Actually, customising your weapon is a huge part of Mercenary Kings, and switching up the barrel or stock of your gun could change it dramatically. You could build yourself a shotgun that looks like a tuba, or a ray gun that shoots lightning, or a pistol with a sniper-style scope… You have an almost limitless of choice. There’s also a huge amount of mission verity, from straight-up “kill” missions, to rescuing hostages, capturing enemies, or gathering materials.

While Mercenary Kings looks like Metal Slug or Contra, it’s actually more similar to the Monster Hunter series. All enemies can drop crafting items, from leather to steel, and you then use these to craft better weapons and improve your amour. There’s a main base camp where you create upgrades and select missions, and your own tent which you can decorate. The reloading system is even similar, where a carefully timed button press can give your next clip of bullets extra potency.  It all gives the game a very unique spin on the shoot-’em-up genre, and makes it a whole load of fun to play.

  • Available on: PC
  • Play it if you like: Metal Slug, Monster Hunter, insane amounts of weapon customisation
  • Get it from: Steam, as part of Steam’s Early Access program




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