Weekend Quest – Unholy Heights



Unholy Heights is tower defence/ simulation game, created by Japanese indie studio, Petit Depotto.

In Unholy Heights, you play as the Devil, and obviously, the first thing you do with all your demonic powers is… make a small apartment block in the middle of nowhere.. Naturally. Soon enough, tenants start filling your building. But, these are no ordinary tenants. They are servants of evil, foul, terrible creatures of the underworld… like cute yellow chicks, and little water people who live in bathtubs. Okay, fine. If you’re looking for gritty, grim-dark action, Unholy Heights is not the best place to look.

The actual game play involves keeping your tenants happy by buying furniture for them. The more satisfied they are, they harder they’ll fight for you when the heroes attack. There’s a verity of different creatures that can move in, each with different likes, dislikes and combat uses, so managing your monsters can be harder that fighting off invaders. Most of the time, you can just sit back and watch them go about their lives. Going to work, engaging in “pillow-talk”, reading erotic fan fiction… You know, the  usual demonic stuff.

  • Available on: PC
  • Play it if you like: Casual tower defence, managing rooms and rent, the idea of fish-people making out
  • Get it from:  Playsim.com

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