Weekend Quest – Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale


Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale is a short-but-sweet adventure  from Level-5.

On the very outskirts of Tokyo, in the 1970’s, you are 10-year old Shota, the new boy in town. And, being so new, there’s not much you know about your new home… Only that every Friday evening, huge monsters can be seen on the edge of town. As you make friends with the other local kids, you look for clues about these huge creatures, and soon find yourself in the middle of a plot that… well, that sounds like something only a 10-year old would imagine.

Attack of the Friday Monsters! is best described as “an interactive story”, as the only really game play is running about the small town and talking to people. It’s really the plot and the visuals that carries it along, although there’s a card fighting mini-game that you play with the other children, which is quite entertaining by itself. You spend the majority of the time exploring the world through the eyes of a young boy, where wells, TV stations and bridges are opportunities for adventure. Though its a short experience, with the credits rolling at around the 2 hour mark, you can carry on to finish off all the episodes (or missions) and collect all the cards, which gives you an excuse to spend more time in this rather charming game.

  • Available on: 3DS
  • Play it if you like: Visual novels, giant monster fights, Studio Ghibli films, being 10-years old again
  • Get it from: The Nintendo eShop

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