Weekend Quest – Monaco


Monaco:  What’s Yours is Mine is a stealthy top-down co-op game, created by Pocketwatch Games.

Get in. Get out. Get Rich. Monaco is a game all about making just one last big heist, and doing so without getting caught or killed. While each member of the team preforms their own vital role, you’ll need to work together to disable alarms, take out guards and open safes. You start out with four characters, and unlock the other four by playing through the main story. Some are straight-up better at certain jobs, such as the Locksmith, who opens doors and safes more quickly, but some have special skills, such as the Gentleman, who can automatically disguise himself after hiding.

While the first few levels can literally be run though without any regard for your safety, the game quickly ramps up in difficulty, making good team-work paramount, as well as individual class play. When playing though the game, it feel incredibly rewarding to grab a load of coins, and just make it back into the safety of a shrub by the skin of your teeth, and even more-so when your friends all pull together to make it happen.

  • Available on: PC and X-Box 360
  • Play it if you like: Stealth games, teamwork, pretty classy piano pieces, the chance to screw over your “friends”
  • Get it from: Steam or the X-Box Live Arcade

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