Weekend Quest – Awesomenauts


Awesomenauts is at 2D MOBA-styled game, developed by Ronimo Games.

In the far future, a huge intergalactic conflict is taking place. With both sides evenly matched, they call in the ultimate mercenary squad: the Awesomenauts. In 3-on-3 battles, your aim is to destroy the opposing team’s power core, while defending your own. As per the genre, there are mindless minions, towers and neutral creeps to defeat along the way, as well as the opposing team.

While the core mechanics of the game are similar to DotA2 or League of Legends, having a side-on perspective is a unique twist into the genre. You also pick which items you can purchase in the match before you enter the game, allowing you to tweak aspects of your character to your liking. Speaking of characters, the current roster consists of  14 ‘nauts, all of which are unlock simply through playing the game, each one having to unique skills and their own style of basic attacks. However, Ronimo are constantly adding new characters into the game, so the roster will only grow from here.

  • Available on: PC, PS3 and XBox 360
  • Play it if you like: 80’s-styled cartoon mayhem, a new take on the MOBA-genre, a pretty awesome sondtrack
  • Get it from: Steam (PC), XBox Live Arcade, (X-Box 360) and PSN (PS3)

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