Weekend Quest – Rogue Legacy

Rouge Legacy

Rogue Legacy is a self-described “rogue-lite” action-platformer created by Cellar Door Games

When your father falls in his fight through a dastardly castle it is up to you, his child, to take up his sword. And when you inevitably fall, it will be up to your children. And when they fall…well, you get the idea. However, everyone is a unique and special snowflake. One of your children might be an abnormally tall wizard, or a knight with colour blindness, or even a ninja with irritable bowel syndrome. Every time you die (and you will die, very often), you can choose from a handful of heirs, each with random classes and attributes. Some are only cosmetic tweaks, such as baldness, but others, such as vertigo, turn your screen upside-down and reverse your controls.

The dungeon you attempt to storm is procedurally generated, but you can build your own keep, which improves your skills and adds new classes. There are also blueprints you can find within the dungeon, which allows you to equip yourself, and thankfully, these items aren’t lost on death. This make it not quite as unforgiving as “permadeath”, but its still very much a challenge, which is amplified by the game forcing you to mix up your play style.

  • Available on: PC
  • Play it if you like: Rogue-like levels of difficulty, playing a different style every time, burly knights that fart and swear (sometimes)
  • Get it from: Steam or the official webpage

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