Weekend Quest – Cube World

CubeWorldCube World is the much talked-about voxel-based adventure RPG, which hit it’s open alpha stage this week. It’s currently being developed by Picroma, which consists of Wolfram and Sarah von Funck.

A mysterious, limitless world, made entirely of cubes, with randomly generated terrain… Sound familiar, right. However, that’s pretty much were the similarity with everyone’s favourite crafting-and-mining simulator ends. Cube World is an adventure through unknown lands, and battles with terrifying enemies. It’s a quest for rare, powerful items with your friends, and the chance to tame beats to fight besides you. It’s an exploration of mountains and deserts, towns and oceans, ruined castles and catacombs… In short, it’s not “Just another Minecraft clone”. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Even though it’s only it’s early days, Cube World is still impressively fleshed out. There are several huge biomes, each with a selection of dungeons and challenges, as wells as bosses and unique monsters. There’s a whole crafting system, which includes weapon customisation, and numerous pets to tame and train up. There’s even a handful of different methods of transport, such as boats and hang-gliders… Actually, hang-gliding from the top of huge mountains is probably one of the best parts of the game right now. I’d probably buy it if it was just “Hang-gliding World”…

  • Available on: PC (Alpha)
  • Play it if you like: Limitless exploration, randomly-generated loot, pixel/voxel aesthetics, having a pet platypus, hang-gliding
  • Get it from: The Picroma website

A word of caution though; due to the huge influx of people trying to buy the game right now, the store is often down for maintenance. So, just be patient, I guess.


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