Ludum Dare 26 – April 2013: The bare minimum

It’s that time of the year again. Time for the April Ludum Dare. I’m going solo this time, so without further ado, let’s kick things off.

9 hours in

Huh? Where’d the time go? I was going to update this last night, but I got caught up in my designs and then dropped at around 5 in the morning. Anyway, this time around, the theme is…


My first reaction was “Ugh”, but now, I actually quite like it. I managed to come up with a (hopefully) unique idea, so this should be pretty fun. I’ll be spending the next few hours doing the code, and save the art for later… I mean, it is minimalism, after all.

13 hours in

ProgressI guess my games is about tomato houses?

I’m always tempered to do the art first, but I’m trying to mix it up this time. So, expect place-holder visuals for a while yet. Also, I’m crazy-hungry. Time for some lunch, I reckon.

17 hours in


What does it mean?

Yeah, this screenshot looks pretty similar to the last one, I know… But trust me, there’s a lot going on.

Also, check out that line. That’s changed, eh?

18 hours in

Done pretty much all the coding and such today, so I can focus on the art-y stuff tomorrow. But for now, I’m going out to see the new Iron Man film. In the meantime, have a (tentative) title.


24 hours in: The half-way point

So, what have I got to show for it?


This screenshot looks familiar…

Really, it’s also behind-the-scenes stuff. Tomorrow is art day, I promise. I’m actually super-pleased with how the game plays right now, even if it it’s pretty basic. But at least I won’t be able to break it…

At least, I hope so.

Here’s a quick list of stuff that still needs to be done-

  • Actual graphics for pretty much everything
  • Main menu
  • Sound effects

32 hours in

Alright, I’m up, and straight back into it. Spend the last few minutes tweaking the difficulty, as it got crazy-hard, but it should be beatable now.

Now onto the pretty graphics~


37 hours in

Just got back in from a lunch break. Got some olives, got some mini-chorizos, got some ninjas, and life is good.

DamnNinjasWait, what was that about ninjas?

With roughly 10 hours left, progress is pretty good. Everything works, it’s just all polishing it up with animation and sound now.

41 hours in


It’s hard to tell from a screenshot, but I broke some ninjas…

47 hours, 57 minutes in: Ludum Dare Complete

Just managed to submit before the deadline. I got way too caught up in tweaking little things, and almost forgot to actually give the game an end. Almost.

If you want to check it out, it’s over on the Ludum Dare website, or download it straight from here.

I’ll do a full post-Ludum Dare write-up when I’m less tired, but for now, I’m very pleased to announce… The One.

The One


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