Weekend Quest – Evoland


Evoland is a throwback to classic RPGs, created by French indie team,  Shiro Games.

When you first start your adventure in Evoland, you have a very small screen, a limited (mostly grey) colour pallet, and on direction to move in. Then you open a chest, and another, and another. Before long, you’re adventuring in a technicolor world, fighting monsters and exploring, and opening more and more chest. You gain an inventory, free movement, and an over-world map, complete with Mode 7. You move ever onwards, discovering turn based battles and NPCs, and eventually a whole third dimension.

I would best describe Evoland as a playable history of the RPG genre. It draws mainly from the Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, but there are elements common to all RPGs, and video games in general. It manages to never seem a tired concept though, as it’s forever changing and evolving… which is unsurprising really, given its name.

  • Available on: PC
  • Play it if you like: Any and all RPGs, a good sense of humour, heavy doses of nostalgia
  • Get it from: Steam, GOG.com or the Evoland webpage

Evoland actually started out as Ludum Dare game, which you can play here. I also took part in it, and you can check out our effort here.


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