Weekend Quest – UnderRail



Underrail is an isometric turn-based RPG, currently being created by Stygian Software.

Similar to games like Fallout 1 and 2, Underrail is an extensive RPG set in a dystopian future, where the last surviving humans have sealed themselves away underground, far below the inhospitable surface. As the newest citizen in one of several subterranean complexes, you must help out in anyway you can; fend off creatures, collect medical supplies, or search for lost technologies. But, sooner or later, you find yourself caught up in something far more dangerous and threatening than your day-to-day survival.

As one might expect from a game like this, Underrail goes incredibly deep with character customisation, crafting and tactical combat. The world of the underrail is huge, and there’s plenty to explore and secrets to uncover, and other characters to meet. There’s already so much in this game, and it’s still in development, so expect to hear great things about Underrail in the near future.

  • Available on: PC (Alpha)
  • Play it if you like: The original Fallout games, apocalyptic sci-fi, character customisation through skills and feats
  • Get it from: Desura or GamersGate, or try the demo

Like several other games covered in “Weekend Quest”, UnderRail is aiming from a Steam release via Greenlight. Go and give it your vote.


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