Weekend Quest – Antichamber


Antichamber is first-person puzzle game, from the mind of Alexander Bruce.

At first glance, Antichamber might appear to be a simple puzzle game. That is, up until the point that you actually start playing it. From the get-go, it challenges your perception of the world, and how games should work. Just when you think you’ve got the hang of it, it will throw you something completely unexpected. And you’ll have to figure it out. And when you do at last work out it’s secrets, you feel like some kind of super-genius.

One of the coolest features of Antichamber is how it technically can’t exist, in an architectural sense. There are times where you’ll run up a stairway, only to find yourself at the bottom of it again. The game is full of these “Escher-like” situations, which only help to challenge your way of thinking, and make for some awesome puzzles.

  • Available on: PC
  • Play it if you like: Thinking outside the box, Escher-inspired designs, something to challenge the way you think about games in general
  • Get it on: Steam

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