Weekend Quest – Edge of Space

Edge of Space

Edge of Space is a sci-fi styled survival and exploration game, currently being developed by Handyman Studios.

You are an”ArkCo” recruit,  sent to explore the deepest, darkest parts of the universe. Search the hostile environments for raw resources, then process and craft them into weapons, amour and tools. Find ancient alien ruins, uncover rare ores and materials, and fend off creatures, from floating space jellies, to the dreaded laser-wielding space shark.

Edge of Space has a very deep crafting system, and requires you to find new crafting recipes to advance. You need to use your resources wisely, however, as the process of turning raw materials into usable items is always in flux, and never produces the same result twice. The game also features an expansive power system, allowing you to light your way though mine, cave or buildings .. if you can create the energy.

  • Available on: PC (Beta)
  • Play it if you like: Terraria, exploration in a hostile environment, laser space sharks
  • Get it from: Desura or Rain

Edge of Space is trying to get on Steam via Greenlight. It’s a great game with a lot of potential; Go and give the a hand.

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