GotM Sep ’12 – Torchlight 2

Well, it’s been a pretty hectic month, between family holidays, moving into university and EuroGamer Expo last weekend, but thankfully, I still had time to play…


So many sequels, so little time…



Name: Torchlight 2
Genres: Action/RPG/Hack and Slash
Developer: Runic Games
Available on: PC


The Enclave is your first safe zone, and has item vendors and other useful NPCs.



Torchlight 2 carries on from where the original Torchlight left off. The Alchemist, a playable character from the first game, has been corrupted by the “Ember Blight”, after defeating the evil Ordrak, and has gone on a rampage trying to fine a cure, leaving devastation in his wake. It has fallen to you to stop him, before it is too late…

In Torchlight 2, you have four playable classes, each with clear-cut skills, but what weapons and amour you equip is up to you. I’m sure no-one would mind if I played as an Embermage with a shotgun, for example. The classes themselves are nothing ground-breaking; the Embermage is all about magic and spell-flinging; the Berserker is about high damage and calling upon the spirits of the wild; the Outlander focuses on guns, dark magic, and agility, while the Engineer is more defence-orientated, and can deploy various devices. Of course, these classes can be played in any way at all, but some unique weapons and items are class-dependant.

I was a big fan of the original Torchlight, but I, like many other players, thought it would be so much better with multi-player. And so, Runic Games listened, and Torchlight 2 features up to 6 player co-operation. And in standard ARPG fashion, you all get your own individual loot, so no need to fight over swords, shields and shotguns. Even if you play by yourself, you’re never really alone. Torchlight 2 brings back the pet system from the original, where you have your own animal companion who can fight by your side, take unwanted items back to town to sell, and can even eat magical fish to transform themselves.


You can tell it’s an evil place, because of the skulls.



I have to admit, Torchlight 2 was the second game I was most looking forward to this year, just behind Guild Wars 2. I really love the first game. It had a certain charm in it’s look and soundtrack. The game was simple enough to pick up, but dig below the surface, and there’s a whole world of items and stats, and it would keep you playing for hours. Torchlight 2 is every bit as good as the original, and then some.
In Torchlight, the entire game was set underground, in the the mines of a town (conveniently enough, called Torchlight). Torchlight 2, however, has you exploring huge over-worlds, as well as mysterious caverns and dangerous mines, and every new area has a different feel to the last. Everything is randomly generated as well, so you might find one quests on one play-through, but not on the next.

A long story shot, Torchlight 2 takes the original game, and improves nearly everything about it. More verity, more customisation, more storyline, more players, more world to explore… Runic Games has really listened to the community while making Torchlight 2, and it really shows through. It’s the game we asked for, and it’s every bit as good as we hoped.

It also features some pretty cool explosions. If that won’t make you buy it, I don’t know what will.

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