Ludum Dare 24 – ugust 2012: We’ll do it live

Hello once again from Gazok Mes HQ, where I’m here with Gazok to try and pump out a game in 72 hours. He’s the man with the coding know-how, and I’m the pretty pictures guy. We’ve also got guest appearances from Scalade, our audio guy, and Pituri, our play-tester.

An unstoppable team!

(Read as; totally stoppable)

About an hour before hand

Well, here we are. Waiting for the theme to be announced. We’re quietly confident about our game, even before we’ve started.

That could well be our downfall…

We also have a cool-as-heck, real-time, up-to-the-minute “ACTIONCAM™“. Check it out if you like Gazok or myself in hats. Login using “guest” as the username, and “pass” as the password.

*”ACTIONCAM™” will not always be available in your area. Hats not always supplied. Gazok is not responsible for any damage to eyesight caused by viewing “ACTIONCAM™”

Go time

And the theme is: Evolution!

See? I didn’t make it up.

I honestly thought it wouldn’t be, but it is… Oh well, I’m still psyched…

Psyched to sleep, that is!

Need to catch some rest before the “hard” work starts, right?

Day One: 9 hours in

‘Morning, everyone. Now we’re up and ready to face the world.

After a few initial issues with the theme, we’re in a pretty good position to start making stuff happen…

Yeah, it’s vague, but that’s how I work.

Day One: 13 hours in

Break time! Gazok is outside, trying to enjoy what is left of the British summer, while I’m checking out the competition.

Progress on the game is going well… Really well. Too well, you might say. It’s making me uneasy…

Here’s a thing for you for you.

Yep. It’s a thing alright.

Day One: 20 hours in

Just finished a whole pizza, which is, as everyone knows, an important part of games design.

Gazok has some kind of weird coding voodoo thing going on, so I won’t try and tell you how it’s going. Although, the sounds have been positive.

I also made a star.

…I would show you, but it’s white, on a white background.

Day Two: 24 hours in

And rotation is done.

Trust me, that’s pretty important for the game.

Gazok is currently coding the sky, and thousands of stars.

Before we head off to bed, here’s part of another thing.

Maybe it’s a cactus?

Day Two: 36 hours in

Good morning… or rather, good afternoon. We’re back up, and feeling refreshed and ready to rock.

Our music guy is coming over to the Gazok Mes HQ today, and seeing as he’s already got some awesome tracks, we’re hoping he can pump out a few more.

In the meantime, we’ll be eating muesli, fixing the sky and designing planets.

Day Two: 34 hours in

Gazok has been working on forces and stuff, so it all physics and maths and stuff…

See, it not all fun a games.

If that’s not your style, I can offer you another image of something, along with a text file…

“E”s are empty, “D”s are disabled and “O”s are occupied. “S” is probably secret…

Day Two: 42 hours in

Gazok has created gravity. He’s like the Newton of computers! …Or something like that. Anyway, a job well done to him.

I’ve been creating planets and making them look neat.

All that gravity has to go somewhere.

Day Two: 45 hours in

Scalade, the music guy, arrived about an hour ago, fresh from London. We’ve had to accommodate him, his laptop, and a whole MIDI keyboard into our main room…which is tiny.

Long story short, I’m now in the living room of Gazok’s house, which is nice and cool, and sat on the sofa, which sure beats a hard office chair.

Good times ahead, I guess?

Day Three: 48 hours in

And so ends the competition! Well done to everyone who made a game!

As the competition section of Ludum Dare draws to a close, we start our final day.

Our whole team (all three of us) have moved into the cooler living room, so it’s pretty chilled out in here.

Gazok is making all kinds of crazy things happen with forces, I’m making wreckages and dead ships, and Scalade…

Scalade is adding air horns to everything.

That’s why there’s no air in space… The air horns use it all up.

Day Three: 52 hours in

We’re calling it a night here at Gazok Mes HQ.

We’ve made pretty go progress in these small hours of the morning. Our game engine is almost ideal, the music and sound library is growing, and I’m pretty pleased with how I can make things look broken and ruined.

Here is one such ruined thing.

Is it a giant stone Frisbee, maybe?

Goodnight, I guess.

Day Three: 59 hours in

And now, we’re back!

Well, two-thirds of us. Scalade is still asleep. But that’s OK. We didn’t really get to sleep very early last night.

Gazok has got plans for what he wants done by the end of the day. Most of them involve programming, but there will a barbecue at some point, if the weather holds out.

I’m mostly working on menus today, and the title screen.

That’s how you can tell a Ludum Dare is going well. When you have time to work on the title screen.

Day Three: 62 hours in

Pituri has arrive at Gazok Mes HQ. He’s our play tester, which I guess makes him the PR guy.

He’s currently playing Plants vs. Zombies…

Admittedly, we never told him to play our game…

Anyway, I’m pleased to announce….

It’s in space!

Our game is “Scavenger”, where you control a ship and fly around space looking for upgrades to evolve your ship, and survive against black holes, enemy ships, and random space junk.

Watch this space as we finish it off.

Day Three: 69 hours in

As the last few hours of the 24th Ludum Dare tick away, we’ve all headed back to our respective homes.

Gazok is, as far as I know, still tweaking the code, but as far as music and visuals go, we’re done.

Of course, we plan to improve the game long after the LD has finished, but for 72 hours work, Scalade and myself has done all we can.

Everything else rests upon Gazok and his coding skills…

No pressure, then.

Day Three: 72 hours in

Well, there it is. The end of Ludum Dare 24….

Well, the creation part anyway. Now we get to play all these game!

As always, it’s been a fun experience, for me at least. I think Gazok may feel differently, but we’ve actually submitted a game, and that’s more than we’ve ever done before.

“Third time’s a charm”,  I guess…

Check it out here. (It’s Linux only right now, but a Windows build is coming very soon)

Gazok is going to iron out the bugs during the next few days, but we’ve got a really awesome game here, so hopefully we can make it even better given a few weeks. I’ll keep any updates posted here on the blog, so look out for those.

But for now, we can all get a good night’s sleep.


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