GotM May ’12 – Diablo 3

Well, I’m sure this one was pretty obvious.. So let’s dive straight in.

Guess what? Diablo is back! …Again



Name: Diablo 3
Genres: RPG/Hack and Slash
Developer: Blizzard
Available on: PC

You know, for a town plagued by zombies, New Tristram doesn’t look too bad.

Just like in the rest of the Diablo series, the hell-lord of terror, Diablo, along with a few other lords of the Burning Hells, have popped up in the mortal realm to kill, enslave, burn, and generally ruin your day. This is where you step in. Picking from five classes (Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor or Wizard), you run through the world, ridding it of all the evil zombie, demons, crazy cultists and such as you go.

Each class has around 20 skills, but each skill has five “runes”, which change how the skill works. This means that there are thousands of ways to kit-out your character. There are also hundreds of weapons and pieces of armor,  which often have random magical properties, so two characters of the same class, in the same game, can be completely different.
Although Diablo 3 is all online, you can play it single-player, using the followers you find during the game to ease your burden of saving the world. However, the game is much more fun when played as a group, as you can all cover each others weaknesses… Or, you know, leave your friends to die.

These skeletons clearly don’t know what they’re dealing with. Witch Doctors can throw whole frogs at you! Scary, huh?

If you played Diablo 1 or 2, you’ll probably play Diablo 3. If you got the free pass from World of Warcraft, you’ll also probably play it… Alright, so that’s already a few million people. This means you never have to play alone. Join a public game, and you’ll be straight in on the action. Or grab a selection of friends, and adventure with them,

Speaking of “action” and “adventure”, while dungeon crawling, you’ll often be face with solid combat, which more often then not, will contain an “elite” or “champion” enemy. These have special attributes, like teleportation or fire-damage, and increased health, but drop rare loot and plenty of gold. However, when playing on the harder difficulties, you might find these foes tougher than the bosses, as they gain more attributes (For example, teleport/jailer/mortar/vortex combination is incredibly lethal for a squishy wizard).
Of course, the amour and weapons that these enemies drop can be very powerful, but you might get lucky and craft some better weapons at the blacksmith’s forge, which creates items with randomly assigned attribute, for a small cost. Later on, these can have their power increase further by the addition of gems, which can be random drops, or brought for gold or real money from the Auction House (which also deals in weapons and amour found by other players).
Oh, also, if you love server downtime, or just the Blizzard servers in general, you’ll love this…  Sigh…

I don’t care what anyone else say. “Disintegrate” is the best spell in the game.

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