GotM Mar ’12 – Kid Icarus: Uprising

I wasn’t going to post this today, what with it being the 1st of April… Then I realized I’d only post it late anyway… So, I guess the jokes on me?

Only 25 years in the making!


Name: Kid Icarus: Uprising
Genres: Action/3rd person shooter/ RPG
Developer: Nintendo
Available on: Nintendo 3DS

Ah yes, classic Greek myth here. Angel with gun vs. floating eyes...


Kid Icarus: Uprising is the first outing of the age old Nintendo series in 25 years, and still features Pit, the captain of the guard for the light goddess, Palutena, as the game’s hero. The main reason of this sudden revival  was the popularity of Pit in Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii a few years back, and it almost feels like this game is more Brawl-like than a return to the platforming roots of the Kid Icarus games.
The game play is split into two halves; Air Battles and Land Battles. Air combat plays out much like the Starfox series, an on-rails flight through the skies (or caves) shooting at all kinds of evil looking things. Land battles give you a bit more freedom to explore, seeking out treasure and other hidden secrets within the area. The difficulty can be racked up before each mission, allowing you to find more powerful weapons, and earning you more “hearts”, the in-game currency.
Uprising also features multiplayer, which feels pretty much how Smash Bros Brawl would feel like if it was in 3D. You dash around areas, picking up items, and generally laying a smack-down on anyone you can find. It’s quite a laugh, if a little unbalanced (but that’s mainly due to the crazy weaponry… more on that in a bit).

The flying sections only last five minutes... Oh yeah, and feature lasers.


Within single player, the story line is pretty strong,  and the dialogue running over the top of the action keeps the game flowing. Although it’s a pretty basic “good-vs-evil” plot, I personally find lots of the writing in the game pretty funny, with references to the older games constantly popping up, and the goddess of light being actually kind of a troll, flying a hapless Pit right into trouble throughout the game. It feels like the game isn’t afraid to mock itself, and it makes the game just that bit more fun.

For all of you weapon collectors out there, rejoice! Kid Icarus: Uprising features so many weapons, it’s not even funny. Nine main classes of weapons, loads of different weapons within that class, and every single one has different modifiers, abilities and boosts. And gaining them is pretty randomized, making for possibly a very easy time if you pick up a 5-star weapon right at the start of the game. It also makes for an… interesting multiplayer experience, if one guy has an insanely powerful laser-staff, while all the others have basic swords and bows…

Multiplayer gets pretty brutal at times, but it's OK, because they're wearing helmets.

One thought on “GotM Mar ’12 – Kid Icarus: Uprising

  1. I really liked the review; both clear and eloquent. The site looks awesome also, very jealous. I’ve just started something similar on a much poorer scale. I’d massively appreciate feedback. All the best 🙂

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