GotM Jan ’12 – Sanctum

It’s almost the end of February, so what better time to post January’s game of the month!

…Seriously, I’m running late with this.


Sanctum describes itself as a “first-person tower defense”, which is actually very accurate. You play as Skye, or if you’re in multiplayer, a nameless fighter, and tasked with defending the “core” from all kinds of weird aliens.  You do this by placing giant cubes on a grid, and then building various towers with them, creating as maze… a maze filled with lightning towers, machine guns and laser turrets. Of course, the invading aliens just wander straight into your death-maze, running at your core and throwing themselves into it. They just don’t give a damn. You also have access to weapons yourself, such as freeze guns, sniper rifles and shotguns, in order to keep some of the trickier enemies from walking right on past your carefully built defenses. The down-time between enemy waves is often a balance of adding to your death-trap of a defense, and upgrading your own amoury.

Sanctum is a visually impressive game, with all the clean white lines of the structures you build, and the dark, alien jungles that try to engulf the town of Elysion One. The look of the game is almost similar to Portal and Portal 2, except that in Sanctum, the turrets are on your side. The maps, as well as looking great, also offer little secrets and easter eggs, such as a hidden pile of sandwiches on the Bridge, or having to navigate what should be outside of the map to find the president. It’s the little things that make this game feel fresh.

While there are a lot of tower defense games out there (and even more first person shooters), Sanctum manages to carve out it’s own space, and looks awesome while doing it. So go ahead, hop onto Steam and buy a copy. Or buy a few copies, and let your friends join in on the action.



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