Ludum Dare 22 – December 2011: Pizza, games and a lack of sleep

Alright. Here we go. The continuing adventures of Ed (SalamiChild) and Jamie (Gazok) as they attempt the Ludum Dare! We’ll be doing th Jam, so we ‘ll have 72 hours to make our game.
The idea is that we’ll update this whenever something of note happens, or every 3 hours or so… we haven’t really decided.


4 hours until the start
Just finished a bit of tiling… not the kind with sprites, the physical kind, where you actually have to move a bit, and cut pieces of plastic. Waiting about and playing Skyrim to burn the time.

Just less than 3 hours to go
Well, it’s official. I look awesome in a bowler hat. I kind of knew this anyway, but it’s nice to have visual evidence.

One hour, Twenty minuets to go
We’ve already encountered our first major problem… we can’t open the damned Lucozade. This is a huge issue, and it could damage the whole project if not dealt with.

Less than an hour left!
Totally fixed the Lucozade problem, so we should be able to stay awake for the next two litres or so of liquid energy. Getting closer to the big reveal of the themes, Jamies putting his bets on “kittens”, “random generation”, “parallel worlds” and “alone”. I want it to be “decay”, simply because then I can make messy sprites.


Oh god... I'm scared Q_Q
The last 2 weeks came down to this…

And the theme is… KITTENS Jamie Alone! The one theme we didn’t really have a plan for…

I guess this makes this officially the start of Ludum Dare. With snacks by our side, and loud music to drive us through the days/nights.

71 hours remain
Several brainstorms and a half drawn bird, and we still haven’t had that one great, awesome and generally good idea. Who would have thought that you’d need to think  of stuff when designing? It’s madness, I tells ya’.

About an hour later
Insanity starts to set in, with “Gimpy the bird” being one of our main ideas…Sleep might become essential at some point soon.

Gimpy the Bird
A lack of ideas, and googling “Bird names”, is a dangerous combination

3 hours in, 69 hours left
Finally overcame our lack of ideas, and we’ve got some coding, fonts and a general art direction, as well as a nice little narrative. So, even though it’s taken us a little while to get going, we’re almost at the point were we can get stuff on a screen. Jamie can apparently “feel” code now, so I’m guessing we’re probably going to get some sleep soon.

4 hours in, 68 hours left
Apparently, we’re now working to proper game developer time-frames now, as “soon” was an hour ago. Jamie is still coding, and many strawberry laces are being eaten. Staying up due to sugar and LCD Soundsystem.

About 61 hours left
Morning all. 1PM is the best time to make birds, as shown by science. Kinda worried about how much work some people have done already, but I think our goal is just to finish, rather than make the winning game. A quick look at the Ludum Dare website also shows me we’re not alone (ha) with our bird theme… We’d better get ours out there first then!

59 and a half hours to go
After a team meeting (after some mid-day coco pops) we scrapped our bird idea. Sad times. Especially since that was our only idea.  However, after a quick talk with Ben, our moral-support guy, we have a new idea, which is probably better. And involves turtles.

16 hours into the unknown, 56 left to make a game
We’re actually sticking with this idea now, so more graphics and coding is under way. The ocean looks shiny, and it’s taken Jamie 500 lines of code to display the screen. All in all, a good 3 hours worth of work.

55 hours left… There’s still time for Minecraft
We’re taking an hours break right about now. We really don’t deserve it, but by god, we’re having it anyway! Let’s load up Minecraft, and pretend our game will be half as good.

54 hours-ish
Oh well, better get back to doing whatever it is we do.

19 hours down,  53 hours left
Blanket get! It’s getting pretty chilly here, so in order to maintain maximum performance levels, we’re keeping super warm. The downside is, blankets make me tired.

51 hours to save the world
I feel like we’ve made pretty good progress, seeing as we started 9 hours ago with no idea. I mean, it’s not a patch on all these Ludum Dare veterans, who have playable demos already. But hey, we’ll get there someday. In other news, we’ve moved on to strawberry lace packet #2, and I’ve got a glass of ginger beer which is probably flat by now.

33.33333% done
Day one of three is over, and we’ve made… progress. I mean, I’m super tired, and haven’t done anything for the last two hours, but Jamie has got all kinds of movement and stuff. It’s all kicking off. I’m probably going to grab some sleep, as looking at things is hurting my eyes, and I kinda need to do that if I’m doing the visuals. Ben might be coming over later, and he might do some music. We’ll see. He might just distract us horribly. Anyway, have a grass texture.


The morning after – 38 hours and 20 minutes left
Ah. We might have slept a bit too long last night. As in, we just lost 10 whole hours. Jamie’s still sleeping, but I’m going to make up for lost time, and start making the best damn rocks you ever seen!

35 hours remaining
Mostly been animation making (graphics wise) and bug fixing (code wise) this “morning”. Just grabbed a bite to eat,as we were both staving.

32 hours to go
Just more of the same, really. Graphics are coming together nicely, and from what I can tell, so if the code. Well, I guess so. Jamie seems to be swearing at it less. This is what it’ll look like, in any case.

A day out... ALL ALONE
It kinda reminds me think of the GBA Pokemon games…

Around 31 hours in..
On the plus side, I’m actually quite happy with my walking animation 😀 

30 hours, 41 minutes and 7 seconds
Well, some helpful person fixed our (read: Jamie’s) problem, so thanks to him, we can move on to maps and mapping. But first, a quick break while Jamie has a shower… So, time to play so Ludum Dare games!

29.214 hours and counting
Had a bit of an issues earlier where my fan was VERY VERY LOUD. So, we had some awesome pork and a “chocolate shot” each, and we’re now playing music in order to drown out my fan. It’s like a bee in megaphone. In a laptop fan.

25 hours
With just over a day to go, we have tiles on the game screen! Everyone here at H.Q is well chuffed. Jamie has “other stuff he can be doing” while I pump out and resize the sprite sheets. Also, people doing the “compo” part of Ludum Dare, all your games look awesome. Everyone else, go and take a look!

Dawn of the final day – 22 hours left
As we’re about to call it a night, Jamie has just finished add the final lines of code to the movement and animation. It looks awesome, seeing as earlier today, we had just an empty game window. I’ve fully mapped out the island (Where the game takes place), but realiesed I need MORE TILES. AND MORE SAND. I mean, when I first made the sand texture, it was nice and pretty and detailed. Now, after my 16th time of replicating that effect pixel-by-pixel, I’m starting to wish that I’d stuck with block colours… I will get it done before sleep, you mark my words.

This sand, man...
“Pixel-sand, my one weakness.”

21 hours left
Yeah, sleep time now. I OWN YOU SAND. YOU HEAR ME?!
Also, made some awesome looking drift-wood.

Only 13 hours left. Don’t panic.
Turns out 8 hours of sleep was 8 hours too long. I mean, despite what Jamie says, I don’t think we’re totally screwed… We just could be in a better position. We’re moving our head-quaters from Jamie’s house to mine, for the final push. On the plus side, it’ll be warmer. On the down side, my brother and sister….

11 hours…
Finally arrived at my house, all set up and ready to FINISH THIS.

8 hours left to #win
Progress is slow, but steady. I’m just working my way though the world objects, and Jamie is coding like a boss (as per usual). Ben is here to, be he’s not much help to anyone.

4 hours left…
Well, I can’t make palm trees… But, there’s only three in the whole game, so I might get away with it. We’re closing in on the final deadline, with still a fair amount to do… I think. I probably shouldn’t have taken that half hour “Mario Kart 7” break…

If you can see this text, it's better than the image
Bleh… Remind me to never set another on an island.

Only 3 hours left now
Slogging my way though the room creation “code”. As much as I’d like a more visual room creation tool, we don’t have the time to create one, so we’re going to have to make do. Jamie’s doubting our prospects of getting a game in on time. I think we will… But, it really depends on how you describe a “game”…

Room makin'
One tile is eight digits. There are 100 tiles per room, and 72 rooms in the game.

Less than 30 minutes to go!
Done with a test area now, consisting of just 16 room (and you don’t even see some of them). Everything else is Jamie’s area now. I am now very tired

A final note for tonight
Jamie is just fixing the collision code, and then I think we’re submitting. It’s less of a game, more of a “tech-demo”, as there’s nothing to actually do except wander round a small island. While we may not have ended up with a game as such, I think was time well spent nonetheless. I like how my sand and stuff came out (that damned sand…), and I think that the player walking animation is the best I’ve made. Before I crash out onto the floor, here’s a picture of everything in my “Ludum Dare #22” folder… It’s only the graphics, but hey, that’s what I do.

And this is all I have to show for it
And the file marked “EVERYTHING”, literally has everything in it.

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