Ludum Dare 22 December 2011 – Pizza, games and a lack of sleep: A prelude

As you may, or may not, be aware, tomorrow is Friday the 16th of December 2011. This means… well, probably nothing to most people. But to a few, it means 48-72 hours of INTENSE GAME DESIGN. It’ll be extreme.

For those out-of-the-know, Ludum Dare is video game designing contest, where you have only 48 hours to design, program and create the best darned game you can. Over the years, many this event has cost many lives (probably), so I’m kind of a bitĀ apprehensive. But, to make sure I’m filled with pizza and sugar, awesome guy Gazok (of Gazokblog) is going to be working with me. As a two-man team, this puts us in the “Jam” section, and gives us up to 72 hours of non-stop game-making goodness… So, more time to slack off and play Minecraft then, really.

I’ll try to keep a running diary over the next three days, simply because then, for the next time I do this, I’ll know where and when I screwed up.


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