GotM Nov ’11 – Minecraft… Again

So, November saw the release of tonnes of good and long awaited games, like Skryrim and Arkham City. But, for a lot of gamers, the official release of the indie sandbox game Minecraft was the one to wait for.


In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or two, Minecraft has become a bit of a phenomenon. The main idea is that the player is give a massive, randomly generated world, and then gets to do whatever the heck they want in it. You might spend hours exploring the world, finding snowy peaks and sandy deserts. You might want to go underground, mining your way though the rock to find diamonds, only to be exploded by a creeper, lurking in the dark. You could spend days making a huge city, filled with castles, skyscrapers, and massive statues of yourself… although, that might be a little big-headed. But still, you could.

Now that’s out of the way, the main reason why Minecraft’s release was so eagerly awaited by it’s fan was the introduction of a massive update, known as “Minecraft 1.0”. This meant that the game was (finally) out of the beta stage, and added lots of new content as well. New biomes such as swamps were added, as well as randomly generated structures such as villages and abandoned mineshaft that the player could explore. The Nether (the hell of the Minecraft world) also got an update, with intimidating fortresses housing power monsters. An end-game was added, appropriately called “The End”, along with a boss monster, in the form of a giant dragon. Minecraft 1.0 also introduced more depth into crafting, adding potion making and item enchanting. Oh yeah, and you can now make baby animals spawn, which have giant heads.

Minecraft has, over the last 2 years, become a household name, winning awards, and selling millions of copies, with it’s creator “Notch” becoming one of the most well-known game developers in the last five years. So, even though it would seem that everyone and their grandmother plays Minecraft, if you still don’t have it, get over to the official Minecraft website and buy it.


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