GotM October ’11 – Dungeon Defenders

As if I’m two weeks late with this… This November has been a busy month for games so far. It’s completely not my fault.


Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders was released mid-October, after first appearing on the Steam pre-order list way back at some point during Christmas. When I first saw the screen shots, I was pretty excited. But then, as seems to be the way, there was no word about this game for ages. But suddenly, BAM, released. Crazy, eh?

Dungeon Defenders takes the tower defence and RPG genres, and slams them together, with great results. As one of four classes, you have to defend an ancient crystal (or two, on some levels) from an onslaught of goblins, ogres, exploding kobolds and a whole host of other monsters. But fear not! You need not do it alone! Dungeon Defender’s main selling point is it’s fantastic multi-player. With up to three friends, you can all halt the army of darkness… together! At the start of each new wave of monsters, you have a build time to set up any towers, barriers and traps that you have access to, and during the combat phase, you can run about, repairing any damage and beating up enemies. A simple concept, but highly addictive, especially when you add in character level-ups, upgradeable armour and weapons, pets and all kinds of challenge maps.

Dungeon Defenders is the first game by Trendy Entertainment, and seeing as they released it on five different platforms, you really have no excuse not to buy it (Unless you only have a Wii… then you’re really missing out). So, ready your sword, staff, crossbow or spear, and prepare to defend some dungeons.

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