GotM July ’11 – League of Legends

Late again… I personally blame my shiny new laptop, and Jamie (of Gazokblog fame) for making me work on C++…

League of Legnds


League of Legends, commonly referred to as LoL, was first released waaaay back in 2009, but I only started playing it a few months ago, just as it got really popular. LoL is an “action RTS” based on Defence of the Ancients, which was a map for Warcraft 3… Which I played… Once. I personally find the game play of LoL quite hard to describe, but I’ll do it anyway.
In simplest terms, it’s two teams of up to five players, and each team needs to destroy the other’s base, known as a “Nexus”. Each player controls a “champion”, while the AI controls “minions”.  Killing enemy champions or minions give you gold (for buying items) and exp (for leveling up and increasing your abilities). Every game, your champion starts at level 1 with no items, and levels up though out the game to a maximum of level 18… That’s the “basic” idea anyway.

Each one of the 75+ champions (with more being added every month or so), all fit into different roles, weather it’s support, magic damage, crowd-control, physical damage or tanking, and every single one is quite unique in appearance, play style and abilities. For the most part, the game is Player vs. Player, but you can also play against the computer if you’re less sure of your skills (like I am). By winning games, you gain point which you use to unlock champions from the store, as you only have access to a limited number of random champions every week.

So, that’s it. League of Legends. It’s free. Go and play it with some friends. I need to go and learn programming some more…


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