GotM June ’11 – Beat Hazard Ultra

I totally didn’t forget to do this… Honest.


Beat Hazard Ultra


Beat Hazard was released last year, and was pretty much my favorite game. And then, at some point around Christmas, an expansion was announced, and I was super-hyped for it… But by March, I’d all but forgotten about the promised downloadable content. Then suddenly, it was released last month, and I remembered why I love this game.

If anyone has played Beat Hazard, you’ll know how eye-melting the visuals can be at times… Beat Hazard Ultra turns your eyes straight into a gaseous form, and doesn’t even say sorry. Everything you do in the game has the same effect as running over the sun with a lawnmower (but with less fire and burning, and more colours). The new enemies that have been added in Ultra include snake-y things, pulsing balls of light, and big spaceships that use gravity guns… They probably have proper names, but they are very cool. Those nice game developers also added in extra ways to kill these new menaces (all of which cause either more or bigger explosions of colour), such as mini-rockets and the blinding ultra beam. All in all, a great game was made even better, which is always nice. Beat Hazard Ultra is out now on Steam for only a few pounds, but you do need Beat Hazard first.

Special mentions also go to:
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, for being a brilliant remake of a classic
League of Legends, for being addictive
Minecraft, and in particular our most-awesome server (, if you’re interested)
Terraria, and the team at Re-Logic for their great updates


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