GotM May ’11 – Terraria

Bit late on this one… I guess that just shows how addictive this game is.



Terraria was released mid-way though the month, with pretty much no hype and no marketing. However, since May the 16th, it has sat as one of the most played games on Steam… And for some good reasons.

An easy way of describing Terraria would be as “A 2-D Minecraft”.  In a way, this is sort of accurate. They both feature underground exploration, ores of all kinds, building using whatever you find, crafting better items to mine more, and large, randomly generated worlds. This might seem like a lot of similarities, but Terraria still has a few tricks up it’s proverbial sleeve. For a start, NPCs come and populate your world after you meet certain requirements, and there are more biomes, including underground jungles and the evil Corruption. Random events like “Blood Moon” nights and goblin invasions make surviving more difficult, along with battles with massive boss monsters. The whole game feels more like an RPG at times, running around and finding hearts to increase your health, or magical, super-rare swords. The graphics look like they’re fresh out of a SNES game (which I love), and the music really does add atmosphere to the game. The multiplayer in Terraria is really good as well, allowing you to play as a group to build and explore, or have an all-out fight with PvP turned on.

Terraria has done ridiculously well so far, and the developers are continuing to add to it. Some cynical people might say it’s just “riding the Minecraft wave”, but even if that was true, is that a bad thing? It could be the start of a whole new phase of video games, giving limitless space for endless possibilities… Anyway, great game. On Steam. £6.99. Go and get it.

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