GotM April ’11 – Guild Wars

It’s that time of the month again! … No, not that time of the month. The time of the month where I feel compelled to write down my thoughts on games I’ve been playing in the last 28-to-31 days… Luckily, I only choose one; otherwise this would take a while. Anyway, IMAGE GO!

Guild Wars

Guild Wars is an MMORPG, which I don’t really play a lot of, on account of people scaring the POW blocks out of me. However, I like Guild Wars, probably for several reasons. First up, it’s not “online” all the time. Every time you enter an explorable area (e.g. Not a town), it’s just you and your party. This is great, as it allows you and your friends to travel though the main plotline without loads of randomers (And it is well worth playing though the story). It also has fully online PvP, which I still haven’t tried out yet. Second, it’s quite laid-back. There’s no wrong way to build your character, unlike in other games I’ve played, where if you spent skill points “incorrectly”, you ended up being rejected from parties pretty quickly (Looking at you, MapleStory…). While there are basic 8 “professions” in the original (Known as Prophecies), two more are added in each of the expansions, Factions and Nightfall, bringing the total classes to 12. In Guild Wars, you also have the option to have two professions simultaneously, giving you even more choice. What I found most impressive about Guild Wars, however, was the visuals. For a game that’s been out since 2005, it’s graphics are still top-class, and because it’s 6 years old, it runs very smoothly on most computers.

I really like Guild Wars, and I wished I’d picked it up sooner. What with a sequel coming out at some point not too far away, now is probably a good time to get it. Another great thing about it is that you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription fee or anything. So yeah, you’ve got no excuse really…


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