GotM March ’11 – Pokemon Black and White

So, March… What do you have to say for yourself? Now you’re over, and what do you have to show for it? A brand new Pokémon game, that’s what. Yes, March 4th brought around the 5th generation of Pocket Monsters, and I say it’s pretty darn good.

Pokemon Black and White

Pokémon Black and White introduce over 150 new monsters into the already expansive list, as well as a whole new region, game play updates and, for the first time ever on hand-held console, moving Pokémon. That’s right, up until now, Pokémon have stood dead still as you give them orders, but no longer! Essentially, everything was like a Metapod battle… Anyway, Black and White play out much like the other Pokémon games. You get your first Pokémon, grab a Pokédex, and set out to collect the eight gym badges, beat the elite four, and capture every single Pokémon in the entire world. However, this is not what’s new and ultimately awesome about Pokémon Black and White… That would be everything else. The cities now look and feel like proper cities, with people running about, and massive skyscrapers. The music sounds great, from the town tunes to the battle music. New mechanics, such as “critical captures” and “shaking grass spots” add fresh tweaks to the recognizable game play, and the new Pokémon and moves are, on the whole, very well done. The amount of focus on multiplayer also deserves a mention, as it include Wi-Fi, local infrared and wireless functions that can be used at any point, anywhere.

Pokémon Black and White got great reviews, and for good reason. I think that Game Freak have really out done themselves with the latest installment of this iconic game. If you own a DS of any sort, you really should get this game. And with 649 Pokémon to get, catching ’em all is now an epic quest.


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