GotM Jan ’11 – Minecraft

This game is the reason why this post is a day late…


Minecraft is a giant sandbox game, where you can; run around, make a house, find a zombie, get attacked by spiders, die, lose all your items, find you way back to your house, find a creeper in said house,and then die again when it explodes… And it’s awesome.

I’ve known of Minecraft for a little while now, but never really played it before about a month or two ago. Since then, I’ve been playing it. A lot. The idea behind the game is that the player spawns in a randomly generated map, and then has to survive against the monsters that come at night. To beat up a tree to get some wood, which you use to make tools, which you then use to mine. As you mine, you find rock, iron and diamond, which you make better tools out of. You can build a fancy castle with all the extra stone you found, and craft a bow to shoot monsters from a distance.  You can play online, and have your friends blow up the house you spent 3 hours building, or adventure deep underground for treasure and enemies. Or, you can just sit there and admire the pixel-y goodness.

Minecraft has picked up several awards in the short time it’s been around, including “Indie game of the Year”. Seeing as it’s only around the £10 mark, you should totally go and buy it, as long as you have a lot of free time on your hands.


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