D&D session1: The anti-end

This is based on a true story… True in the fact that dice were rolled, and I made up some stuff. Such is Dungeons and Dragons.

A lone half-orc runs down a mountain side, away from the destructions of his village. He has seen his father killed, his mother taken and his home burnto the ground. With tears in his eyes, he… Oh, wait. Goblins. Macrum Sarding, the half-orc in question, proceeds to chop one perfectly in half, before running after the second one, and lopping it’s head off, completely forgetting his plight…. I guess it comes with the minus in intelligence


Somewhere in a spooky nighttime field, a Paladin by the name of Lianee Himo proceeds to consecutively miss a pair of skeletons bravely fights off the forces of evil, and stuff. Then goes towards the imaginatively named Great Forest.


An Eleven Ranger called Coreliion Galanodel wanders around a forest, and finds a poacher, who is poaching with his poaching pouch, and pouncing. The poacher witnesses the sheer mastery of CORELIION’S DUEL DEATH RAPIERS! And dies, due to death.


Coreliion goes back to the village of Nillvail, which he is the one-man police force of. It would also seem that he is the Travel bureau of, as the mayor has asked him to check on a visitor who arrived this morning. It is *gasp* the Paladin! Role-play between the two begins, and, after a while, the paladin remembers that she is on a quest to recruit people. Why? Oh, you know, the usual paladin-y stuff, like stopping an invading army and what-not… Also, SUDDENLY, half-orc is a party member, but not after Coreliion tries to ditch him in the inn.

Like a big, happy party, they go to the general store, know as “Nelwish and Sons Item Emporium”, where they get a quest, because that’s what happens in shops. Go in for some flour, and come out with a blood-oath against a dragon, right? So anyway, they head out to find some kobolds that have been raiding the store room, and, unsurprisingly, find them. There’s only four, two with slightly pointy sticks, one who throws small rocks, and the other with a small sword. Long story short, a few minutes later, Macrum trudges back into the village, with his unconscious comrades over his shoulders. (Pro tip: Never let the luckiest player at the table be the DM) The town mayor freaks out, and gets all up in Macrum’s business, before calming down when the shop owner verifies Macrum’s story. Although only one third of the party are in positive hit-points, they end up at Coreliion’s house, where they rest the night…

(Cue some dude who heals the party to full health, and leaves (Said dude is also really cool and smells good))

After that, the party head off to find poachers, which Coreliion hates with a passion. And his rapiers. But first, they find a big spider, so they kill it.

The party reaches the poacher camp, only to find it unguarded and empty. Although a quick look in the wagon say otherwise, when they find a dinosaur. Even though it was a poacher. Anyway, the dude’s asleep, so Coreliion wakes him up with his fist. The ranger could have finished the guy there and then, but chose to chat with him, so the poacher called his mates. And so, a battle happens.  Even though Coreliion and the first poacher were fighting in a tiny, cramped wagon, he couldn’t score a decisive hit for a while, and the poacher managed to go back to sleep, by which I mean slash the elf in the jaw with a dagger. Lianee, the paladin, got engaged in BOW WARFARE with a second poacher, while Macrum chopped the last one into tiny, meaty pieces. When all that fun was over, some money and a nice scroll were gained, and they headed back to Nillvail. Also, another spider died to Macrum’s might axe…

After a quick chat with the mayor, and the buying of a few potions, the party set out to help Lianee with her quest to thwart the encroaching invasion. Before any armies though, they find a dragon. Not just any old dragon, mind you, A PSUEDOdragon…  Which is basically a little dragon that can’t breathe fire.

Anyway, this dragon hangs around the party for a bit, as Coreliion can speak draconic. While flying overhead, said dragon claims to spot an army…

Will the party fail in the face of such a mighty foe? Or will love sharp and pointy things conquer all?

Can the dragon prove a valuable ally?

Will Coreliion ever come back to the village?

Will Lianee strike true, and destroy all that is evil and unjust?

Will Macrum claim revenge for his dead family?

Will I gain credibility as a human ever again?

Maybe one of the questions will be answered in the next session of THE ADVENTURES OF TYMN!

Also, the answer to the last one is no.


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