GotM Nov ’10 – Silverfall

Running late with this one, due to mysterious circumstances (e.g. Laziness)

Again, I think to myself “What have I been playing most in the last 30 days?”. While several games have eaten up my time like a horrific pixelated monster, none more-so than Silverfall, a rather generic PC RGP…


Although, it’s not necessarily bad to be generic… It’s kinda nice to get back to basics, although  it’s nothing special. The graphics are fine, the music is forgettable, the storyline in nothing ground-braking… All in all, it’s just following the “Diablo” style trend. You choose a race (Human, Elf, Goblin or Troll) and then get going with quests and such, leveling up and gaining new skills. However, the main thing I do like about Silverfall is the nature-technology scale, which affects what armour, weapons and skills you can use. For example, doing a quest to help a blacksmith install a gas converter will earn you some technology points, and give you access to some pretty cool steam-punk style armour. It also has online multi-player adventuring, but this remains untested, as no-one I know actually has this game…

Silverfall has been out for a good few years now, and I first picked it up in a Steam sale, for around £2. I only really started playing it this month, however, and since then, it has sat nicely as one of my top played games. I enjoy it, but I also enjoy a lot of weird things… Like sparking water. Anyway, it’s good, simple, hack-&-slash adventuring. Done.


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