Ed used BLOG! It’s not very effective….

I have the feeling I’m typing to myself right now… The internet’s a big ol’ place, and this will just be another drop in the ocean… Oh well.

So, as you may/may  not have guessed by now, I play video games. Not in a namby-pamby “Oh, Wii Sports is fun!” kinda way, but in a serious “****ing blue shells!” kinda way… Maybe Mario Kart isn’t a great example, but it’s still awesome. So, expect to see reveiws, news and general stuff video game related. I also draw and sprite alot, so maybe I’ll use this as a gallery of sorts… but I doubt it. I have my deviantART page for that. I also have a life away from all that, but it’s not massively interesting. Just school and stuff. But hey, It’s my blog, so I’ll write whatever I feel like.

I’m new to blogging, so don’t expect wonders.


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